Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Second Week Of September In The Backyard

I feel like I have to hurry up and take pictures before everything is gone.  I've pulled more annuals out, and at this point, it's sort of just a waiting game.  Won't be long before everything is a shriveled up mess.

So far, though, the Coleus and annual Blue Salvia are still goin' strong.

My white Dahlia got a whole new string of blooms.
The flowers are not as large this time around, but pretty nonetheless.

The Fuchsias seem to all have gotten a second wind.
This first one is a hardy one in the ground, but even the potted annual ones are goin' crazy again.

Speaking of Fuchsias, four new hardy varieties came home with me on my trip to Joy Creek Nursery a few weeks ago.
I dug out several Hostas and a ton of Solomon's Seal along the south side of the house, and put two in over there.

One of the new ones is a little trailer, so I stuck him in a pot.

Kinda cool, huh?
Another new plant that came home with that day is from Means Nursery.
It was my deal of the day.
A Brugmansia for $1.99.
I'll bring it into the garage for winter and see if I can keep it over.
If not, at least I only paid an annual price for it.

Me likey.
Speaking of wintering over, I think I'll try the same with this Cuphea.
It just seems sturdier than any of the other varieties I've grown, so I figure I'll give it a go.

My Black-Eyed Susan Vine has outdone itself.  I'll try to save some seeds for next spring.

The Begonia that reseeded all over the place from who knows when, is FINALLY starting to bloom.
I dug up babies early on and stuck them in all over the place.
This one is under the Black-Eyed Susan Vine.

This one is in the ground where they first came up.
Crazy things.

And that's it for the backyard this week.
I've got some pictures on my camera from out front, that I'll try to get to before the day is over.
Happy Hump Day!

Shameless plug alert:  
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  1. What an adorable little trailer, with such cute flowers. Good luck on overwintering, the Brug is actually pretty easy, just get it inside before a hard freeze.

  2. Gorgeous pics friend!! Yes it is so sweet when you are able to pot up babies and get more plants! Seriously is a big rush for me when that happens! Love that your dahlia is still blooming so pretty and I have decided from this post I need something rusty and bronzy as I love that shot up there... Is it a lantern? Beauty happening everywhere! Make it a great day friend! Nicole xo

  3. Loving the garden, my dear. You know, that begonia looks like Begonia grandis which is hardy here. Do you think it could be? Your Bruggie looks like a million bucks, not two!! Love your fuchsies too but the jury is still out on the creeping one. :)

  4. I almost bought blue salvia yesterday while at the nursery! Yours is so so beautiful.
    I'm always amazed that all those pretty flowers come from one, single yard . . . and it's yours.
    Beautiful . . . everything is so beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing Mindy!!
    Have a great weekend,


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