Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chalk Art

The kids decided to decorate the backyard with chalk last week.  The rule is they're only allowed to draw on surfaces that you can walk on, but they like to stretch it on occasion.  This time it extended to the fire pit.  They were reminded of the rule, but then the next day it poured down rain and all that colorful chalk looked so pretty in a sea of grey skies.  So I took pictures.


 Thinking of Boston today.....


  1. I like it! Gotta hand it to them for finding loopholes ;)

  2. Thinking of Boston too...my heart aches for all of those people....Your chalk art brought a smile to my face and it reminded me in its simplicity of what is sooo good in our world. Thanks for sharing some colorful happy today friend

  3. Kind of looks like frosting. Don't you love chalk? Easy come, easy go. Boston...SO tragic.


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