Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Second Week Of April In The Garden

Okay kids, I've got more plant pictures for ya. I told you I can hardly keep up with posting them this time of year.

I bought this euphorbia plant a couple years ago because The Dad always pointed them out in other yards and said he liked them.  The flowers (bracts?) on this one are makin' me a believer.  Pretty cool.

I love all the fern fronds unfurling.
This one is a sword fern that's knee-deep in Sweet Woodruff.

The kids begged to go out front and play, so I decided it was a good excuse to get a few pics of the parking strip.

I got a few more of right outside the fence.
It's starting to show a little more color.

Back up in yard, on the south side of the house, the hops is growin' like a weed.  
I dug it out of the ground last year and stuck it in a pot 'cause it's naughty.

Here are a few more of that side.
This strip is planted with two Clematis, Solomon's Seal, Lady Ferns, Hostas, the potted Hops, a hardy upright Fuchsia, Saxifrage, a naughty Campanula, Wood Hyacinth and Lady's Mantle. 

Check out the escape artists in the background.
They're not allowed out front without an adult.

So there's a few more yard pics.
I got some really good photos of the kiddos too, but I'll save them for another post.
Yes, I actually take pictures of my children on occasion, not just food and plants.
Although, they may be pictures of kids next to plants.  :o)

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  1. HHHHAA!! Pics of the kids next to plants!!! I sooo get that! Too funny friend! I am loving the unfolding ferns...with the Sweet Woodruff! Actually I like every single plant that is growing in your gorgeous garden! And I love that escape artist!!! Perfect! We are getting there...I can't wait to jump outside and get some pics! Bits of green are starting to poke through the ground! Thank goodness!!! Love your garden...just beautiful!

  2. Pictures of kids beside plants and eating food. :) Your garden makes me feel achey. In a good way,...and in a jealous way.

  3. Gorgeous ferns and hops, Mindy. And you do have a lot of Solomon's seal! Funny with the kids--escape artists, no kidding!

  4. As always, just beautiful pictures. From all of the images that you post, I can only think that your yard is about 2 acres big! How on earth do you cram all of that amazing plant material in there?! Love the glowing color of the hops vine too.

  5. Nice photos. Kudos to hubby for liking the Euphorbia. It is a winner, isn't it? I once had a naughty hops vine too. Finally I made it go sit in the compost pile to think about what it had done. :) Happy spring!

  6. What are the yellow flowers with the grape hyacinth? I am looking for a companion plant for the grape hyacinth planted by the former owner. I was also thinking of Lady's Mantel.

    1. The yellow is Lesser Celandine, a noxious weed 'round these parts. You definitely don't want that! ;)


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