Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The First Week Of April In The Garden

I can't keep up with the yard posts this time of year.  I have photos from last week and I took a kagillion more yesterday.  I'm gonna have to start doing two posts a day just to get them all in. 

So we'll start with last week's.

I have a thing for potted trees.  I say that "someday" I'll have a yard big enough to plant them all in the ground.  This maple has been in his little pot for at least five years.

The epimedium is definitely in full bloom.
I noticed on a walk the other day that a house in the neighborhood has three pink ones planted in their front yard.
Would it be weird to knock on their door and offer a trade?

Need I say more?

Grape hyacinth and the Solomon's Seal that's comin' on hot and heavy.

Forget-Me-Nots that are already starting to get mildew, and they've barely started blooming.

The north side of the back yard.

The clematis that I'll never remember the name of without looking at the tag.
It's alpina Helsingborg.

That's it for now, but be prepared to be bombarded with more.

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  1. Your garden is so pretty. So is that glass of wine, heh, heh...Dare I say we got a nice dose of freezing rain overnight and I will be shoveling this afternoon. :(

    I started an herb garden from seeds in my kitchen, but there hasn't been any sun for those for guys, so I have three seedlings when I should have twelve! Mother Nature is certainly laughing at us Wisconsinites!!

  2. Oh what I'd give to have a glass of wine in your garden... you could come too ;0) We're off to Colorado for a week to drop off the babe then on to Brazil for for a getaway...see you back in blogland in a few weeks

  3. We are due for freezing rain tomorrow also. Ugh. Nice to see the warmer side of life. :)

  4. Just gorgeous! It really looks like Spring!


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