Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Lilacs are Blooming!

I love, love, love lilacs.  My two haven't done all that great in the blooming department the last couple of years, but I love them just the same.

I'll start with the lavender one.  My mom gave it to me several years ago as a bare root plant.  It's planted in the front yard and is the same one that's in my header.

In the backyard is a dark purple one that also came from my mom.

Aren't they puurdy.
I just love them.

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  1. Hey you!! Ok so I love lilacs too! We have one in my front bed and I can't wait for its beautiful blooms and smells! Love your shots! I hope that you are having a great weekend! We hauled everything out and got the wet drywall out today...I'm pooped! Be talking to ya!

  2. OH GORGEOUS!!!!! I love them. They are my very favorite spring flower. I so look forward to them blooming and filling the house with their heady fragrance. Ours are at least 8 weeks from blooming- xo Diana

  3. I so love lilacs. It isn't spring without them. I finally got around to planting 2 small bare root ones a couple of weeks ago. I'm hoping someday mine will look as puurdy as yours.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  4. Ooh I love lilacs! I wish I could smell them through the screen! I know some lilacs can be fussy and take years to start blooming nicely.

  5. So pretty! My lilac isn't blooming yet, but our next-door neighbors have a huge one that is putting out some flowers now. It will probably really go to town this week when it warms up. I love the dark purple ones, too, but mine is lavender.

  6. Aren't those lovely! Never seen one in person. Enjoy them and be sure to thank your mother!

  7. I love your lilacs, I can't believe they are blooming already. We had a little more snow this weekend, it will be a while before mine are blooming. Have a great week, Laura

  8. I want a yard filled with these! They are SO pretty!


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