Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Last Week Of April In The Garden

I can hardly believe tomorrow is the first day of May.  Where did April go?!

I haven't been as motivated to get out and take pictures this last week, since I'm still workin' with my point and shoot.  Yeah, I know, it isn't the camera, it's the person behind it, but it's more fun to play with the "fancy" one.  I'll be glad when they finally get it fixed.  Or send me a new one!

That being said, I do have a few pictures of some new things blooming in the backyard.

Let's start with the Jacob's Ladder.  I've never had much luck with them, but when I spotted this peachy-pink colored one last year, it had to come home with me. And it's actually doing quite well.

Here she is, Polemonium 'Apricot Delight'.


This next one is a plant I gave to my mom years ago.
She dug up a start of it for me this year.
Heck if I can remember the name of it.
Update:  My mom just emailed me and said this is
Omphalodes 'Lilac Mist.'   

The bed up against the back fence is really starting to fill in.
Right now the forget-me-nots, speckled spring (lungwort), and perennial bachelor buttons are all blooming.
Funny, the three plants that I'll be whacking back here soon, when they're all three covered in mildew.

Also in that back bed is a perennial geranium that I've had forever.
I can't remember the name.
It only blooms for a very short time, but I still love it.

The Solomon's Seal is huge now and starting to bloom.

This last one isn't a flower, but when I went out the other morning with my coffee, the cauliflower plants were rimmed with dew.
So, of course, I grabbed my camera.

So that's all for this time.
I guess I had best be gettin' out front before I miss the boat on some of those spring bloomers.

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  1. The garden looks absolutely refreshing! Enjoy!

  2. I have that apricot colored Jacob's Ladder. It's a winner for sure. It does tend to flop in the rain so I have mine in a container under my deck roof. When it's done blooming I cut it back and it grows fresh foliage that looks nice until frost. What's not to love about that, right? I have a feeling your geranium is 'Johnson's Blue.' Very nice but, like you said, short bloom time. Your Solomon's Seal is to die for. Gorgeous! I don't have one but I love to say, "Omphalodes." It just rolls off the tongue. I'm weird.

  3. I love all of the flowers. I bet it's gorgeous in person.

  4. I love that Solomon Seal,..I planted one last year and I have absolutely no recollection where. I guess I'll find out if it survived. :)

  5. Gorgeous. Guess what? I put my dad on the task of recreating that photo.. well, the wooden arbor part of it anyway. As soon as it's done, I neeeed You!

  6. Beautiful flowers, Mindy! Your Jacob's Ladder is just gorgeous. I had my first roses and clematis bloom yesterday in the warm afternoon sun, and iris have been blooming for several days--so early this year. I'm debating whether or not to do containers and baskets earlier than I usually do. Of course, we're trying to get some early veggis in first, so running out of time to do it all--kind of a nice problem to have though:) I hope you enjoy the warm weekend!

  7. Hey you!! They are gorgeous and I LOVE the color of your Jacobs Ladder...stunning! You really got some amazing shots lady! Holy smokes are you rocking the point and shoot! I wish I could capture things like you...I need to take a class asap!!! As for your camera those peeps should just send you a new one already! Have fun out there...hope you get some dirt time this weekend!!!

  8. Great photo's! Love that Solomon's Seal- what a neat flower! I planted Jacob's Ladder once and it came back for a couple of years and disappeared.

  9. What beautiful flowers. Would love for you to share at Simple & Sweet Fridays. New follower!

    Take Care,


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