Friday, July 20, 2012

Trail Mix Dip: A Kid Lunch

Are you wondering when there will be a real Silly Kid Lunch post again?  I actually have made them the last two Fridays, but they weren't cute enough to photograph.  The kids liked them, and since they're the reason I make them, I figure it's all good.

I've had this recipe ripped out of a magazine forever.  It's actually from a peanut butter ad.  The kids frequently ask for a "snack lunch", so I figured I'd try it out.

I'll give you the exact recipe, but I didn't really follow it.  I kind of just mixed things together until it was a consistency I liked.  In the end, it was very reminiscent of the Cookie Dough Dip, but better for you.

Here's the recipe with my notes:

Trail Mix Dip

2/3 C chunky peanut butter (I eyeballed it)
2/3 C fat-free milk (I eyeballed it, but went easy)
1/2 C granola (I had some, but I think it would be just as good to use plain ol' oatmeal)
2 Tbsp dried cranberries (I used a small handful)
2 Tbsp diced, dried apricots (I was too lazy to cut them up so I subbed chocolate chips - same diff, right?)

Whisk together peanut butter and milk.  Stir in everything else.  I gave mine a squirt of honey, too.  Serve with apple wedges and pita.

We had ours with apples and graham crackers.  Ritz crackers probably would have been pretty good.  Or a spoon.

You could use any kind of stir-ins you have.  Raisins or other dried fruit.  Nuts would have been good.  Or sunflowers seeds.  Whatever.  Make it the way the recipe says, then taste it and see what you think would be good in it. 

Here's our snack on the plate:

There's a little bit left in the fridge.  
I may have to eat it when no one is looking.

Before you run off, I just want to mention, I've had a ton of really nice comments from new people over the last couple of days.  Unfortunately 95% of them have been no-reply commenters.  Which means there is no email address attached to their profile.  Which means I can't respond to their sweet comments.  Which means I'm having guilt issues, like not sending a thank-you card.  I always respond to comments via email, so if you haven't heard back from me, please check your profile to see if you're allowing your email address to be seen.  Otherwise, I may end up in a guilt-ridden tale-spin that leads to my demise.  There's a step-by-step tutorial, plus some other tips and answers to concerns, here


  1. i'll have to make this for my 33 year old child. that thing is trail mix obsessed.

  2. Yum - I'm always on the lookout for healthy snacks. I'm going to whip up a batch to take to the pool tomorrow.

  3. Mmmm that loOks amazing. I think anything dipped in that peanut buttery goodness woul be good. I'm glad you went chocolate chips instead of cranberries. Best como ever!!

  4. Fabulous. I am always trying to find things that my nephew will eat and this would probably be a winner with him (okay, and with me too).

  5. My kiddos would love that! Gonna have to give it a try for sure.
    Ps- I think I am probably one of the "no reply" comments but I think it's because I am a Wordpress blog and blogger won't share our info with you! I wasn't offended with no response, it happens all the time!
    Nicole @ ;)

  6. Mindy, what a great dip idea! I'm pinning and trying this one as soon as we get to Boston, too. We have one more week in a hotel...ahhhhhh.

  7. Looks great!

    Just stopping by to let you know I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog and The Very Inspiring Blog Awards! Stop by my blog to accept in the comments and pass this along!

  8. Yumm so healthy and this looks awesome!! Must recreate soon...I know my file would love this!


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