Thursday, August 16, 2012

Big Sister

The Girl is constantly asking to hold Baby.  As of yet, it's only allowed in the sitting position.  You've heard the 'dropped on your head as a baby' saying.  Yesterday, they had some sister time in the lawn while I watered.

P.S.  Thank you, Makaila for my pretty dress.  xoxo Laney


  1. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!! They look just like you Mindy! You really did capture some great pics of them this time! It looks like they are glistening with that lighting! Love and miss you!!

  2. Great photos. What is this watering of the plants that you speak of?

  3. Ohhh my goodness. SOO stinkin sweet! Great photos Momma

  4. Beautiful little girls! I remember those days of older ones wanting to drag a little one around. Scary AND cute- xo Diana

  5. The picture of the girls holding hands is priceless. So flippom sweet, kills me. And the dress is sooo cute! I'm so glad she was able to wear it still!


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