Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Mom & The Dad

A dog, a cat, and three kids later, here we are at our 8 year anniversary.  My how time flies.

I think we're pretty darned lucky to call this family, and all the messes that come with it, ours.

Us, 8 years ago today:

Ah, the honeymooners:

And 8 years later:

Happy anniversary, Chachi.
I love you to the moon.


  1. Awww - Happy Anniversary!!! I hope you enjoy your night out!

  2. Happy 8 years you two!! Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing dinner out tonight!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Min!!!! Thanks for everything!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary! That's lots to show for 8 years....we've only got 2 kids, a cat and a dog in 10!

  5. Happy Anniversary Mindy & Hubs! Love seeing all your proof of love. Here's to 80 more...

  6. Aww.what a wonderful, sweet post. Happy Anniversary to you both! So much to be thankful for and to celebrate!So now to get totally off topic, if you are stayong in town this weekend, thought that you might liek to know that the American Dahlia Society is having the National Show in POrtland Saturday and Sudnay at the Red Lion Jantzen each. Its free and open to the public. Rumor has it, there should eb over 8,000 blooms...make that 8,005 if I have any to take!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Dang, you two look the same today as you did 8 years ago.. what a beautiful life you've made together!

  8. Beautiful - happy anniversary. Love your pictures.

  9. My hubby and I celebrated our anniversary on the 23rd of August. Guess how long: 32 years!

    You must be so proud of your family. You all look so happy. Congrats!

  10. Happy Anniversary!! Time goes by so quickly, in a blink your kids will be grown. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for stopping by, Laura


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