Sunday, April 7, 2013

Apple German Pancake + The Latest Meal Plan

I was a single mom all weekend. The Dad left me for "boy's weekend" from Friday morning till Sunday night.  The first two days, surprisingly, weren't all that horrid. Well, last night with Baby sucked, but other than that, Friday and Saturday went fairly smoothly.  Today was another story.  I was tempted to put them all out on the curb with a free sign.  It rained almost all day, so we were stuck inside.  Baby refused to nap the entire day - in fact, she's still awake -and the kids played the, "I'm bored", card all day and voted me the worst mom in the world for not taking them out in the rain to ride their bikes.  The Dad got home just in time.

Anyway, I decided to make a fun breakfast Saturday morning to make time go faster celebrate our alone time and this one fit the bill perfectly.  It was something out of the ordinary, but still super easy.  The Girl actually did quite a bit by herself, with supervision of course.

To get the full recipe, go here:  Apple German Pancake

Here it is coming together at my house:

 Hot out of the oven and ready to eat:

And on my plate:

Super easy and really yummy.

As for the latest menu, I still haven't gone grocery shopping.  The Dad made a run before leaving for the weekend to stock us up on fruits and veggies, some meat that was on sale, plus a few random items, so I'm workin' with those things and whatever the pantry and freezer has to offer.
Several of these were from last week, but I figured I'd throw them in for those who are lookin' for meal plan inspiration.

  • Guiness Beef Stew, Salad and Bread (this keeps getting rolled over)
  • Baked Chicken Taquitos, Beans and Salad
  • Buffalo Turkey Lettuce Wraps and Chili-Spiced Cheese Fries
  • BBQ Country-Style Ribs, The Perfect Baked Potato and Roasted Cabbage
  • Chicken Thighs (recipe yet to be determined), Oven-Roasted Cauliflower & Radishes with Tahini-Lemon Sauce and a Carb
  • Orange Chicken (store-bought), Rice and Broccoli
  • World's Best Minestrone, Salad and Bread
  • Pineapple Chicken Curry and Steamed Rice
  • Chicken with Lemon-Rosemary-Wine Sauce, Rice Pilaf and Oven-Roasted Asparagus
  • Easy Lasagna, Salad and Bread


  1. Currently at work drooling over that apple pancake. Thanks for sharing, looks delicious!

  2. Awww, poor baby. At least you got a good first two days, lol. The apple pancake does look pretty amazing and nice that The Girl helped with the making of it. Here's to Monday and having help with the kiddos again,...well tonight, know what I mean.

  3. Yum. I bet the kids weren't bored while eating this! The rain really sucked didn't it? I think everyone is feeling a little down after the nice weather the week before. At least it's not terribly cold. This is what I'm telling myself to keep my sanity. :)

    Have a great week. And Laney girl, you give your momma a break! :)


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