Thursday, May 9, 2013

My People

I keep meaning to get to individual people posts, and the months keep going by, and the folder keeps getting bigger.  So I'm going to cram them all into one.  This is mostly for me, so pardon the random strangers.  I'll start with March and work my way forward.

The Girl in the garden.

 My niece and nephew, plus a couple more of the kids from Easter.

I seriously need a haircut.

Baby playin' in the water bowl with chalk.

Yes, I know, that was a lot of pictures from one situation.  
I can't help it.

The dopey dog.

Baby and The Girl playin' on mom's bed.

The Look.

 The first fire of the year.
(It's a doll.)

The Cat.

A typical Sunday morning.

Baby double-fistin' chicken bones (clearly she's mine).

Quiet time with chalk.

And The Cat again.

It feels good to get that out of my system.


  1. I love the "it's a doll" disclaimer. We should get our families together. Oh yeah, that's right, we live across the country from each other.

  2. AHHH! Your family is gorgeous! Seriously! Your sweet girls are just to darn cute!!! (love the photo gallery by the way!!) Glad you all got in your first fire! You are blessed friend!

  3. Hmm... your hubby is a Duck fan.

    Oooh those sweet faces, including the kitty. Your brood is delightful. Your handsome son is quite the little artist with that chalk. And your girls are little cherubs.

    A Duck fan? I'm not sure about him. :)

  4. You have a beautiful family, Mindy--everyone looks very happy.

  5. Mindy, those are great photos. What cuties!

    Hope you'll drop by my blog and watch the video of my daughter (if you haven't seen it already on Facebook) Puts a smile on my face every time.

    Wanted to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day in advance! :)

  6. I never tire of seeing photos of chilren. They are just so sweet. The cat and the big people aren't bad either. lol! Happy to be a new follower.

  7. I loved the pictures (chalk feet = awesome!) You have a beautiful family. Happy Mother's Day!



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