Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Skillet Lasagna

I pinned this recipe the other day and had to make it happen asap, 'cause it sounded so dang good.  I'll give ya the link to the original, then tell ya how I changed it up.

So I didn't have any sausage.  Which really didn't hurt my feelings, 'cause I'm not an Italian sausage girl anyway.  I also skipped the frozen spinach because I was too lazy to thaw and squeeze all the water out.  I subbed white cheddar for the mozzarella because it's what I had.  And I just this moment realized I forgot to put the tomato sauce in.  Whoopsie Daisy.

What I added was, more garlic, the equivalent of a large bunch of chard, that I was excited to harvest from the garden, and about a cup of homemade pesto.

I followed the directions for cooking and assembly, with the adjustments to include my changes.

Here's everything coming together at my house:

First up, you saute your onions and garlic.
I put the chopped chard in, stems and leaves, when the recipe calls for adding the sausage, and cooked it down a bit.

The broken noodles go on top of that.

Then your diced tomatoes.
(and tomato sauce, unless you forget it like me)
I seasoned mine up with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning.

This is where I added the pesto, right on top of the tomatoes.

Cover and cook as directed and you'l be eatin' this in no time.

Really good.
You could do it with any type of noodle.
The pesto mixed with the tomatoes turned the sauce sort of a brown color, so it's not that pretty in pictures, but it actually looked more like a meat sauce than vegetarian.
Which helps when you're feeding a carnivore a meat-free meal.
We had ours with salad and bread.
Here's dinner on my plate:

Really, really good.
And quick to the table once you have all your ingredients ready to go.
A definite keeper.

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  1. Get out! WHAT?!?! How come I have never tried or heard of this! Brilliant! Lasagna in a skillet...I have heard it all now! Ha! It looks delicious!!! Seriously!! You need to come to Chicago so my pop can make you some homemade Italian sausage...you may just come over to the dark side!!! Better yet maybe I will send ya some this fall when they make their batch!!!

  2. Looks yummy! And I'm not really an italian sausage girl either but chris LOVES it. ugghh...

  3. Dang, that looks good! ;0) I think I need to spend more time on Pinterest!


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