Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Life Snippets #9

A couple weeks ago, about an hour before it was time to head out to pick up the kids from school, Baby was being a total pill, so I threw her in the stroller, grabbed my camera, and we took the long way.

This is what the middle of March looks like in my hood:

Daffodils in the yard of a neighbor.
I think I need some like these.

This tree is in the same neighbor's parking strip.

The house next door to them has done like we did to our parking strip.
Ripped out all the grass and put in plants.

Across the street is a weeping something.
I'm terrible at tree identification.

This is a donut peach tree.
I know, because I've eaten them.
And they're delicious.

Violets in someone's lawn.

A plum tree, also in a parking strip.

The little yappers that bark at us every day.
The fluffy one's name is Rusty.

This house has enough rosemary plants to supply the whole neighborhood.

The trees in front of the school.

A chess garden that was built and planted last year.

Raised beds.

And last, Baby doing her most favorite thing in the world.
Playing on the slide.

Then, off to the big one.

Oh, to be two again.

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  1. Portland looks so gorgeous in the Spring!

  2. Beautiful spring flowers. I'm waiting for our fruit trees to bloom.

  3. Rusty is cute and Im sure that the barking means "nice to see you" :) The peach tree looks so pretty. You will be eating the fruit from it again, looking at the ammount of flowers it produced!

  4. She's so brave! Those last photos looked like a different, slide with an almost vertical drop, yet she's all over it. Bless her heart. She's got no fear. I love all the spring photos. This time of year is so pretty isn't it? The crab apples are my favorite of them all and right now they're starting to bloom. Notice I am saying nothing about the yappers. :)

  5. Your hood is beautiful lady! Seriously! There is something to be said about all of these amazing gardeners coming out of Oregon! Every garden I fancy as of late are from your hood! Just gorgeous! And is the baby strong willed?!?! My 18 month old is a determined soul! They could be pals!!! Have a great weekend! Nicole xoxo


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