Friday, April 3, 2015

Life Snippets #17

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile, so I figured it was time to purge some photos.

We've had rain off and on all week, so I haven't been out in the yard much, but I wanted to get some pictures of my tulip clump before they were done blooming.
It appears I got two different kinds, neither of which look much like the photo on the box, but I'm not complaining.

There's another random one coming in my pot on the porch.
Not sure why he's all alone, or where I would have put the other ones.

I planted these last fall along with the tulips.
The box says Early Snow Glories, Pink Giant, with tiny text identifying them as Chionodoxa forbesii.
They're so stinkin' cute.

Back inside, I grabbed my camera to capture sleepy Baby pics.
She just couldn't go anymore that day, apparently.

Speaking of sleeping kids, The Cat's new favorite spot is the same chair.

A neighborhood gardening friend dropped in the other night with ladybugs for the kids to release.
They were up and movin' the next morning.

This is the time of year when flowers start showing up in every room of the house.
And a few touches of Easter here and there.

The kids made a bunny banner on a rainy day afternoon.

The mantle got a couple sprigs of white lilacs that I swiped from the neighbor's yard.

I took some pics of the sedum and succulents that I have in the yard for someone in the neighborhood wanting to expand their collection.

And last, I have been obsessing over this wallpaper.
I love it with all my heart and have been fantasizing about putting it above the board and batten in our main bathroom.
But, it's expensive.
And, my sister suggested we may want to finish our current projects, (kitchen, master bath, etc.), before starting anymore.
I suppose.
Anyway, I ran into Target last weekend for some Easter stuff, and had to do the full walk through.
I've always had a thing for shower curtains, in a, I-want-them-all sorta way.
I pull them all out of the display and drool and dream.
But I'm good and never buy any.
Well, they had a new one this time that I couldn't walk away from.
It's sorta my version of heaven.
Grey, white, flowers and birds.
Yes and yes, please.

It's reminiscent of the wallpaper.
It has the same feel to me.
But, it was less than $20 and took 3 minutes to hang.
My kinda makeover.

It prompted a floor to ceiling scrub, I touched up all the woodwork with trim paint, AND I finally took down the ugly glass shelf that I've hated forever and put up a wood one that I had in my stash.
Free, free, and free.
Add some branches from my Wygelia in the wall vase, and we've got a shiny new bathroom.
Off to brew up some carne asada soft tacos for dinner.
Have a fantastic Easter weekend!


  1. Good lord, you weren't kidding about the wallpaper being expensive. Sheesh. Love the shower curtain. And The Baby,.....soooooo adorable.

  2. That wallpaper is so pretty but like you said you completely created that same feeling with that stunning shower curtain! Your sweeties did such a cute job on the bunny banner! And I'm thinking you ought to frame the pic of your sedum and succulent collection up there! Such beauty all around you pal and the baby is adorable!!! Nicole xo

  3. Love the intensity and determination with which Baby sleeps!

  4. I love both the wallpaper and the shower curtain. It is so cool you have so many plants to share with others. And I love ladybugs ~ very thoughtful of your friend to bring them for the kids. You chose a great day to release them too ~ the water on the flowers helps keep the ladybugs in the garden long enough to lay eggs. The tree at the kids' bus stop was covered in ladybugs and it was really cute. Happy Easter, Mindy!

  5. Hi Mindy!
    It looks like Spring has arrived in your home :0)
    I always enjoy seeing your 'life snippets' posts. Apparently that chair of yours is a 'nap trap" :0) ! It looks like the perfect place to cozy up to read, blog, NAP, or just plain relax.
    I showed my daughters the photos of all your ladybugs, and they said that they definitely want to go to your house :0)
    LOVE all your bathroom touches. I'm a big fan of any shade of grey. I think it goes with anything . . . and has such a calming feel about it. I think the shower curtain you chose is beautiful! Since I'm a big fan of flowers too, I love the vase you have hanging!!! And LOVE that you brought fresh flowers into your bathroom.
    You're full of inspiration, friend! Thanks for sharing with us :0)
    I hope that you and your beautiful family have a wonderful Easter!!

  6. Hi Mindy,

    What a happy post! I love those bunnies on the mantle. Too cute! And I definitely understand your love for that expensive wall paper. How it inspired your bathroom is awesome! It looks fantastic. I love the color of the walls in there. Very cool! I am a big fan of grey these days...


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