Monday, April 27, 2015

Salted Chocolate and Caramel Tart

As threatened, I'm back with that second dessert recipe.

You guys, this was INTENSE.  
In a good way.
I'm not a huge sweets person in general, but I do like a bite or two of something every now and again.
The crust of this is Oreos and butter.
The caramel is a super easy butter and brown sugar mix, that you make on the stove in five minutes.
The top is dark chocolate chips, my favorite, mixed with hot heavy whipping cream until melted.
Oh dear lord.

I used coarse sea salt for the top, and went easy for the sake of other people's taste buds, but it could have used more.
It was so rich that the salt helped take the edge off.
I made this one the day before the dinner party and it kept just fine covered with a cake dome in the fridge.
Once the chocolate sets up, you could cover it with plastic wrap without any concern of messing up the presentation.
I also used my springform pan, so I could remove the sides, but I don't imagine it would suck made in a regular pie plate.

 This was seriously a chocolate lover's dream.
The crust was delicious.
The recipe can be found here:

And here are some more photos, in an attempt to convince you to whip one up.
I promise it's beyond delicious.

Yeah, that didn't suck.


  1. HOLY CANNOLI!!! As we Italians say! What in the heck.......this looks utterly too good for words!!! And you don't eat that many sweets!??!? Ha! I could eat this whole thing by myself Im telling you Im making this one for my next fiesta but I'm making 2 one for me and one for them! PINNING!!! Happy week....hope you have a good one...nuts around these parts!!! Nicole xo

  2. Wow that looks really sinful. I also am not a big sweet eater, but my husband is!!! So maybe if I make him this delicious treat he will be willing to help me put in my 8 foot flower bed I have been wanting to do since last Summer!

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  4. That looks so good and I know so because I've eaten before and you are right, it doesn't suck at all. I found out last weekend that it is sold at the saturday market and I had to keep walking because of my pounds issues. Great work, Mindy! I'm sure your dinner guests were quite impressed!

  5. I can feel a sugar rush coming on.... :)


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