Monday, July 20, 2015

The Parking Strip: 7/9/15

Holy moly, I feel like I've been going nonstop for days.  We attended two evening garden cocktail parties over the weekend (genius idea, by the way, and I'm totally stealing it), a tour of neighborhood edible gardens, our own open garden, more neighborhood open gardens, neighbors popping by to visit.....I am seriously socially drained.

We had a lot of  fun, and I got to meet a ton of local garden bloggers, a nursery owner, a garden photographer and author (who's coming back tomorrow), plus a ton of new people from the 'hood.  BUT, it all adds up to be a wee bit overwhelming for this low-social human, so it's nice to have a day home alone with just the kids.

My plan was to post these last week, considering they were taken nearly two weeks ago, then just never got to it.
Better late than never.
I'll start with the Rudbeckia, since he seems to want to be the star of show right now.
This is 'Goldsturm.'

(Did you see the sad looking artichoke plant in the last picture?  He went bye bye.  I gave him one last chance, and he blew it.)

I don't know what the rules are with the dead allium, but I like 'em, so they stay.

That whole clump is from the original 4-inch pot I planted two years ago.
Last fall, I moved some to the back, as well as a piece to the other side of the parking strip, where he's mingling with an Echinops.

This one is 'Veitch's Blue', and the honeybees LOVE it.

The first two Gladiolas to bloom, out of a mixed bag, were light pink and so pretty.

'Moonraker' Phygelius, aka Cape Fuchsia.

That was 'Lucifer' pokin' his head out in the background.

I got these bulbs at a blogger plant swap, not having any idea what they'd do.
I really like them, and hope they multiply.
Galtonia candicans

The regular old orange Crocosmia redeemed itself this year.
Last year it was on the cusp of being ripped out.
It's floppin' quite a bit, so it's staked and tied up, but it's still green and blooming, so it earned another season.

Here are a couple pulled back shots from one end.

It's not summer without Echinacea, right?
The limey green plant next to it is a Pineapple Sage.

And that's it for today.
It's supposed to be cool and overcast tomorrow (sounds like heaven), so I'll probably head out to the yard with my camera.
It's been almost two weeks since I've taken any photos!
Happy Monday!


  1. I feel the same way lately too. And a Garden Cocktail Party?! Ohhhh share more please!

  2. You have been busy! Love the garden cocktail party idea.... Can't wait to see one on your blog ;). The rudbeckias and echinops are perfect together. Have a great week, Mindy!

  3. Sounds like you had an amazingly fun weekend!
    LOVING your Goldstrum! Always a favorite of mine, as they scream 'SUMMER'. So pretty!
    Also LOVING your new patio farmhouse table and mismatch chairs. So charming!
    I hope you have a quiet and restful few days to recuperate from your social weekend :0)

  4. That is so neat that you visited neighborhood gardens and had a garden tour of your own. I love that you get to do that! I would love it if there was something like that in my neighborhood. I guess since I don't have my own blog, it's kinda of hard to get in touch with other garden bloggers in my area. Can't wait for you to share your weekend with us. Did you take lots of pictures?
    Does your pineapple sage bloom? I love that you planted glads this year. I am so happy that I started planting them a few years ago, I love them! I have to dig mine up every Fall though and store them through the winter. Mine still haven't bloomed. I can't wait to see mine this year, I added new colors.

  5. Lord in Heaven, your gardens have just got to be the star of the show in the garden-cocktail evenings/walks. Yes, to a fabulous idea. Now how about some lessons on how you do it? I am so pea-green with envy that it's sinful! I love black-eyed Susans and saw some in the nursery the other day, but it was so blasted hot here, that I wouldn't get out of the car! Ugh! They steal the show in summer. Love the chives with the bees! My blooms wither out in the heat of SC summers, but they sure are a pretty sight to see! Please tell me what the names of the other perennials are and their zones for survival. I just love your gardens Mindy!

  6. Beautiful! You have such an eye! An how I do love Rudbeckia. I was at a local nursery on Saturday. They had 10 different Rubeckia varieties and I wanted them all! So, I just saw your garlic post. The ideal time to dig your garlic is when 1/2 2/3 of the leaves have gone brown. Did up the plants sand set them, some where out of the direct sun but with good ventilation. Nice of you have screens to lay them on. Let them fully dry. Then you can trim off the roots and tops, brush off any dirt and store them or better yet start yo use them. I always weight mine and keep the largest bulb or two as my planting stock for this fall. Hope that helps.

  7. I keep planting rudbeckia and the deer keep eating it!

  8. Everything looks so pretty, all the color, height variation, it just looks so great. Incredible jog, I know it's lots of work.


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