Monday, July 27, 2015

Driveway Veggies: 7/21/15

I was as happy as the next guy to finally get some rain this weekend, for the first time in longer than I can remember, until I walked out back to survey the damage.  The problem with heavy rain in July is, major plant destruction.  I didn't take pictures. It's too depressing.  The same thing happened last August.  The same plants suffered, and I can hardly stand to look.

On a happier note, I took photos of the driveway veggies last week, prior to the downpour, and they're doing pretty darned swell.

I rearranged things a bit, as if that even remotely comes as a surprise, and we drug the outdoor couch and table out here, after inheriting some hand-me-down chairs.

The metal pots, that I had just planted in my last update, have grown a ton.

They each got a Salvia, a Hebe, and a Cleome that I started from seed, and then this one got a new-to-me plant called, Angelica 'Ebony', and the other one got a Talinum 'Limon', aka, Jewels of Omar, a plant that I LOVE.

Looks like I'm finally getting one that isn't white.

I had never grown this Salvia before.
It's called, 'Fancy Dancer.'

The Hebe behind it is either 'Pinocchio' or 'Purple Shamrock.'
Both are variegated and both supposedly get purple flowers.

The Salvia in this one is 'Wendy's Wish.'

While we're on the subject of flowers, the window box and Fuchsia pot are both still happy.

Back over to the veggies....

The vine on the neighbor's gate is a green bean.
No beans yet, but the plant sure does seem happy.

We're steadily eating cucumbers and basil, and have had two zucchini.
I harvested all the garlic that I planted late this spring and I'm pretty excited about that.
I'll take photos for a Life Snippets post.
No ripe tomatoes yet, other than a couple cherries, but the Green Zebra is loaded.
I stuck some bush beans in late, and although the plants are still weensy, we've eaten a handful off of those.

All but one of the peppers in the metal trough were mystery donations, but so far it looks like one jalapeno for sure.

The Four 'O Clock that I started from seed is uber happy.

Wild life safari.

The eggplant plants were also mystery donations, so I was SUPER excited to find this.

And last, maybe the most exciting of all.

I swear this sucker grows an inch in circumference every day.
It was about softball size here, but now, a week later, it's tons bigger.
It's a 'Sugar Baby' watermelon, so he doesn't have far to go, size-wise.
I just really hope he gets ripe.
My sister cut hers open at the end of summer last year and it wasn't ripe yet.  :(
Any tips on knowing when it's ready?

He got a scar from growing in the night, between the green metal trellis.
I'm telling you, they grow FAST.
Anyway, that's the driveway veggie update.
Pretty fun.
For me AND the kids.  ;)


  1. Oh, I hope your melon gets ripe too, nothing better than homegrown! I started 3 kinds of melons from seed, so excited you know to live somewhere now where things grow nicely, and then my husband transplanted them out back but didn't tell me which he put where. So it's all a surprise. Same with pumpkins. Now I see round things everywhere, it's fun finding out what they all are (pumpkins are now obvious).
    Next year we will be better organized!

  2. I'd google how to tell if your melon is ripe. I think it depends on the kind of melon it is. I think it is so cool that you have a melon though and all of your veggies look great. I bet they need a lot of water though!

  3. Well if it is possible to grow watermelons west of Hermiston, this is certainly the summer to have it happen. My sister is also growing watermelons. I have Wendy's Wish and love it as do the hummers.

  4. I am so jealous of that melon! I tried to grow them last year, but it's much too cold to grow them outdoors. And this year is so cold that I am worried about my cucumbers.
    I love your sitting area!

    1. Well we're definitely having a heat wave this year! If I can't grow a melon in this weather, it wasn't meant to be. :)

  5. The first curly tendril off the melon must be dried and brown for it to be ripe... Thanx youtube

  6. water, and the heat. Those kinds of plants are capable of living, even with minimal water and maintenance under the scourging heat.privacy fence


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