Monday, May 16, 2016

The Backyard: 5/2/16

I got a wee bit distracted this last week with all the sunshine.  I was out in the dirt every waking hour I was allowed.  Hence the silence on the ol' blog.  I forgot I even had these photos ready for a post.  So they're a bit tardy, bein's they're from the second of the month, but I'll throw them out into the world anyway.

I have to share more pictures of this Clematis, in all its glory.
As I type, nearly all the petals are on the ground from the rain all weekend.

The neighbors gave me a few metal chicken feeders.
I stuck succulent cuttings down in this one.

Here are a few pulled back shots from the wine bottle path, before rearranging the deck, again.

The tree rose is a mass of flowers right now.
These are pics from when it first started to bloom.

I'm losing another Lewisia to rot.  :(
It even bloomed as it was turning to mush.

I hung the other two chicken feeders on the fence, along the south side where the bulk of the Clematis are.
One got more sedum and the other got Portulaca.

'Belle of Woking' made me very happy that I bought her last year.

This dang Jasmine.
I've had it since I was 20-something.
I moved it last year because it never bloomed where it was at.
It's got tons of new growth, but no flowers again.
I don't what the heck I'm doing wrong.

This Sage that someone passed on to me last year sure is happy, though.

These are looking back toward the backyard.

The shade bed under the big tree.

The yellow Iris is blooming.

Another angle.

This poor Ligularia is fighting for it's life.
I can't keep the damn slugs off of it.

Another shady spot.

The 'Gloire de Sablon' Currant has quite a bit of fruit this year.

Palm tree corner shot.

Now this is crazy.
A post from 2011 popped up in my Facebook feed as a memory.
Check out the palm in these two pictures.
He was still a baby!

The Astrantia's first flowers.

Somethin' else that got planted this year.
I know, it's a sickness.

A beautiful Peony.

And last, a plant that I love, love, love.
Jacob's Ladder 'Apricot Delight'.

 I lied.
One more.
Clear blue skies.

The rain appears to be holding off this morning.
I need to go finish a brick project out front.
Have a great week!


  1. Chicken feeder idea is so very clever. Our April and May rains are keeping everything looking clean and fresh (and giving gardeners an indoor break)!

  2. I sure was missing your blog posts from your yard. I needed to see all the blooms and beauty as over here I was covering everything at night because we got hit with FROST!!!!!! are you freaking kidding me....middle of May and I had to cover plants and bring in all my annuals. I don't ever remember having to worry about frost this time of month. We have had nothing but rain and cold temps. This week we are supposed to be climbing up in temps and then by next week they are saying high 80's. Phew! Ok so tell me what do you do for your clematis to get them to bloom like that? What was the name of the purple one? I have a new arbor in the yard and last week bought a new clematis. I would love to have it full with tons of blooms like yours. Any suggestions? Your yard looks so beautiful. Enjoy your week.

  3. With "I got a wee bit distracted this last week with all the sunshine. I was out in the dirt every waking hour I was allowed" you had me laughing and nodding. I was the same way. My husband asked about a call I was supposed to make last week and I had to explain to him there are certain tasks that have to wait until cloudy/rainy days.

  4. Wow - that Clematis (and your whole garden, for that matter) is fabulous! And, I love your palm, and the chicken feeder ideas. I felt a bit cheated this weekend when it rained, but hoping to spend more time outside this coming one.

    1. Thank you, Anna! I'm looking forward to some sunshine, as well.

  5. Sure you spend a lot of time taking care of this garden . look at it like this in the tourist paradise , beautiful gardens. my blog da hoa cuong thanh phat

  6. Love the chicken feeder planters and the peony is gorgeous. I thought it was too hot last week but it was fun to turn on the sprinkler for the kids.


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