Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Front Yard: 8/2/16

Time for a front yard update.  It's the place with the most areas I'm unhappy with.  I transplanted some things recently and killed a hardy Fuchsia in the process.  Hopefully it'll come back from the ground.  I think the biggest problem is, what went from almost completely full sun, is now nearly all shade until late afternoon. So things that used to be happy, aren't.  Oh well, there's always next year.  Full shade until 4:00, followed by blasting summer sun, is a tough one.  Plant recommendations for those conditions welcome.

You may have noticed in the above photo that all my Impatiens glandulifera is gone.
Long story short, someone, I'm assuming from our open garden tour, called the city and reported us.
Apparently, unbeknownst to me, it's on the Portland invasive plant list.
We got a pretty threatening letter in the mail, basically saying if we didn't get rid of all of it, we'd be turned over to another bureau, who would start fining us.  And if we didn't pay the fines, they'd put a lien on our house.
Good times, people, good times.
Sooooo, out they went, along with the stand of them I had all along the south side path, leading to the backyard.
Super lame, and probably the last time we open our garden to the general public.
And that's all I have to say about that.

I am still obsessing over the Painter's Palette Persicaria.
This is its second year and so far, I'm loving this plant.

I moved the old rusty wagon that had been here for years.
Everything in it was for full sun and this spot just isn't that anymore.

This Loosestrife that I've had for several years is blooming for the first time.

I bought a new one this year, that I think is 'Alexander', but I'm too lazy to dig for the tag.

And last, another one that definitely needs more sun, Crocosmia pottsii 'Culzean Pink'.
I was given a piece last year and this is its first time flowering.
Thank you, Alison!

And that's it for out front this time around.
Happy Hump Day!


  1. Your comment about this being the last time you open for the general public had me wondering how many times open HPSO gardens feel the sting of a righteous visitor?

  2. What a reward for opening your garden! Why on earth did someone not just come over and talk to you. Incredibly lame! Love your pink crocosmia.

  3. I think it's beautiful. You got that right, that is definitely lame. Threathening letter seems extreme. Fines too?! Stupid!!

  4. I think it's beautiful. You got that right, that is definitely lame. Threathening letter seems extreme. Fines too?! Stupid!!

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  6. Mindy - you mentioned having an area that's shade until 4:00pm then full sun. Did you come up with any ideas for that area? I have the same condition in my backyard. Barbara Cutler


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