Monday, February 13, 2017

Baby's 5th Birthday Party

Baby celebrated another birthday.  She went from five pounds to five years in the blink of an eye.

She changed her requested birthday party theme so many times, that I finally just decided she was gonna get whatever I came up with.
I just did girly stuff, using mostly what we already had.
It sorta has a butterfly and flower theme, if you squint your eyes and hold your mouth just right.

We had the usual gathering at home, with a meal that she picked.
We did it after the work day on a Friday, which is why most of the photos are so dark.

Watermelon gummies, that someone got into before I took photos.

Pastel buttermints.

Dollar Store plates and napkins.

Gummy butterflies.

I was planning on getting cut flowers at the grocery store for a centerpiece, but she wanted primroses instead.
Smart girl.
The Daphne is from the yard.

Pink lemonade and fun flower straws.

For pre-dinner snacks, we had veggies and dip, fruit, and chips with onion dip.

I had cucumbers for the veggie tray, that I found in the crisper drawer a couple days later.

For dinner, she requested corn dogs, which is sorta hilarious, considering the only time she'd ever had them was at a neighbor's house.
She wanted tots to go with.
Easy for Mom.
After dinner, the boys played Blokus with the kids, then she opened presents.

Then cake.
I made a three layer sponge cake the day before, that flopped.
It was my first attempt and it didn't rise, at all.
It literally looked like three eggy German pancakes.
So the morning of, I made a lemon pound cake.
She doesn't like frosting, so she asked for strawberries with whipped cream.
I cut the pound cake into thirds and layered it.

Candles lit, Happy Birthday song sung, she then proceeded to take longer than any child in history to get her five candles blown out.


And last, Baby and Daddy time.

Baby is definitely no longer a baby.


  1. WoW! Hard to believe she is 5 already!!!! She is a really cute little girl and I can tell she has a lot of personality. The food looks good and what a great cake -even if the first one didn't turn out. Hope you have a great week, Mindy. xo Diana

  2. So sweet. It looks like she is quite happy with her party. Cake looks yummy!


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