Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baby: 14 Months

I mentioned in my yard post yesterday that I would be back with some kid pics.  We'll start with Baby, who just so happens to be obsessed with picking Mommy's flowers.  We're in the learning stage.  DO NOT pick Mommy's flowers without asking.  Look, but don't touch.  It's really hard to obey that rule when you're one.


An attempt to get rid of the evidence.

Ask me how much I love these pictures.
Seriously, how could I possibly be mad at this little nugget?!

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  1. Soo cute. Can I borrow her for a day? My BIL & SIL came to visit last weekend and bought their little nugget. It was so fun to have a baby around until she started crying on Sunday (later found out she had a double ear infection).

  2. ha ha - I love the hiding the evidence shots. What a kid.

  3. How is it even possible that this sweet girl is 14 months old? We are getting old. That is not cool... But little Miss is very precious and that is cool. :)

  4. How very, very precious! Can you believe she is 14 months old already? xo Diana

  5. Precious--she's learning early!!

  6. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!! Those are the most adorable series of photos. She could get away with anything with that face :)

  7. Ha! You just can't!! That is the sweetest darn thing! And she is such a cutie..I just want to eat her how she dropped it through the fence post!

  8. Aww she is just beautiful! I love the pictures of her little hand poking out the fence while holding the sweet!

    And yes, spammer suck!

  9. Great pictures, and that's hilarious!
    When I was still living at my parents, a little boy, when no one was apparently paying much attention, once picked most of mom's daffodils that were in full bloom and proudly presented them to her--she was a little less than thrilled, but accepted the bouquet.


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