Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby Belly: 29 Weeks

If everything goes according to plan, I'm only 10 weeks out.  Holy mother.  I'm 7 months pregnant and I still randomly find myself just out of the blue thinking, Holy crap, I'm having a baby! 

I know my baby belly pictures aren't some super creative, fancy set-up that I see ideas for all the time, but they're more keepsakes for me than anything.  I didn't do any belly pictures of The Kid and The Girl, other than at the hospital, and I regret it.  I'm pretty sure the photos will be far less with round 3 than they were with round 1 (50 a day), so at least this one will have something that the other two don't. 

Okay, enough blabbing. 

Here's Baby at 29 weeks:

My shirts appear to be shrinking.
I'll need to speak to the laundry personnel about that.


  1. That's the cutest little belly I've ever seen! 10 WEEKS to go!!?! Wow. Wow oh wow!

  2. yay! You're due so soon!

    Also, I love your santa pj pants, so cute!

  3. Yup, that a pretty cute belly!

    That`s a great idea for number 3. You`re a great mum!


  4. Wow, you still look pretty fabulous. Great picture.

  5. My bump, my bump my lovely baby bump. You look so cute and love the pj bottoms.


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