Saturday, November 5, 2011

Estate Sale Scores

Anyone out there with a blog who has a backlog of posts in their head that they'll never in a zillion years get to?  This is one that I planned on doing and just never got to it.  Till now.

Last month, my mom called to tell me that a house across the street from her was having an estate sale.  The same people had lived there since I was a kid, so I was excited to see the inside.  And I'm pretty sure she was hyperventilating while she was telling me about what they were selling.  She had already been through once.  I couldn't make it that day - I was knee deep in royal icing ladybugs - but I headed over the next morning.

This place was like walking into a craft store.  They had everything you could possibly imagine to make anything you could possibly dream of.  Beads, paints, yarns, stamps...the list goes on.  And on.  And on.  I'm not kiddin', I've never seen anything like it.  Ya know those rolling plastic organizing things with drawers?  Zillions of them.  In all different sizes.  My mom bought several of those.

I only had $20 cash, so I couldn't go too crazy.  But it WAS half price day.  :o)  This is what I bought:

A glass barn-shaped greenhouse.
It's on my kitchen counter with an African violet under it.

A bag full of wooden knobs.

A bag of mini wooden flower pots.

Another bag of wooden odds and ends.

Wood finials.

Two spools of tulle.

A big bottle of red acrylic paint.


Okay, so most of those things I had NO idea what I was going to do with them when I bought them, but I ended up using the red paint on a lot of the ladybug party stuff.
And I'm almost finished with a Christmas present that I made using one of the other things.
I'll post it soon.

I also got four gallon-sized ziplock bags FULL of cookie cutters and molds, and a plastic divided storage container for organizing the mini ones.
All shapes, all sizes, all super awesome.

Anyone like to take a guess at my grand total?
I'll wait while you add it up in your head......

Ready for it?
That's right, I said $3.
For all of it.

Now are you ready for the piece de resistance?
You're gonna pee yourself.
No really, you may want to take a potty break before you scroll down.
I knew I had to have it the second I saw it.
I didn't care how much it was.
Scroll down for the cutest dang thing you've ever seen in your life.

It's a vintage crib people.
And it's small.
And it will fit pretty much anywhere.
Which is good considering the fact I was pretty sure The Baby would be sleeping in a drawer.
It will need to be sanded down (I'm putting The Dad in charge of that) and repainted.
I haven't decided yet if I want to do white or a fun color.
It will depend on where it ends up.
We're also going to put a new sheet of stronger plywood in the bottom and buy new foam.
I love it.
It's going to be sooooo cute!!!!
Okay, time to guess the dollar amount again.
Did you take that pee break yet?
Did you hear me?
$12 DOLLARS!!!
I know.  It's crazy and insane.  And totally awesome.

Okay, so that concludes my super duper awesome Estate Sale day last month.
Keep your eye out for that Christmas present I made with one of the random bags.
And the crib progress.  :o)


  1. Oooooo, love that little crib! Can`t wait to see what colour you decide on! Don`t take too long, lol!


  2. wow you did really great! i give myself $20 to spend too that way i don't get too carried away! can't wait to see what you are up to with all your new goodies! have a great weekend! Susan

  3. I cannot believe that you got all the stuff at the beginning for $3. I'm frankly wondering if you're lying. :) Love that crib,...sooooo adorable.

  4. THat is so awesome! I LOVE that crib! It is so sweet and I love it;s vintage vibe. The characters remind me of the illustrations from the Dick and Jane books. And that greenhouse! That would cost some dough at Pottery Barn or Ballard Design! Great score!

  5. That's awesome! What great deals! How fun, makes me ready to go shopping =)

  6. I'm here to say for sure Mindy got all of her loot for $3. And I definitely was hyperventilating when I called her about the sale. It was unbelievable. I just wish I'd bought the little dresser that went with the crib. Major booboo on Mom's part!! And I went 4 times!!!

  7. Unbelievable!!! You can craft yourself into oblivion now. :-) I can't wait to see the cookie cutters, etc. The crib? Perhaps a color this round?


  8. I can't believe that you got all that for $3! that barn greenhouse sure is amazing!!!

  9. Awesome finds - I can't believe all of that stuff was $3 - and the crib for $12 - wow - I went to an estate sale 2 weekends ago and it was a huge bust. Everything was so expensive it was ridiculous - better luck next time - and don't worry I have 47 posts in draft form right now, we'll see how many I get too

  10. I have one almost identical to yours, the pictures on the ends are differnt but thats it..... I actually found my sitting in a ally by a dumpster... I had to have it, so I scooped it Im in the process of redo'ing mine at the moment, for my baby girl due in june... What type of foam did you purchase for yours?

    1. Oooh, I'd love to see how you finish yours.
      We used some foam we already had and stacked it three layers high because it was only a couple inches thick. If I were to have bought new, I would have gone with one solid thick piece.


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