Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Angry Birds Birthday Party

You may have picked up on the fact that The Kid is a wee bit into Angry Birds right now.  I've never played it, so I really have no clue what the draw is, but it's definitely the most recent big thing around here.  Now I sound old.  Point is, when asked (as if it was necessary) what kind of theme he wanted for his birthday this year, Angry Birds was shouted from the rooftops.  So Angry Birds is what he got.

Let me first say, this is the LEAST amount of work I've done for any sort of party/event/gathering at our house ever in history.   Now let me say, he didn't even blink at the fact that his birthday party was planned in two days, opposed to the ridiculous amount of work that went into his sister's party.  Phew.  No future therapy bills being forwarded to me - this time anyway.

I put my brother-in-law in charge of decorations and he dialed it in.  You can go to my Angry Birds Pinterest Board to see where a lot of the ideas came from.

He did balloons with faces.

A banner.

And some silly glasses.

He also gave us some extra faces, which The Dad used to make the birds on the window.

And I used for....
Pig Punch!
(aka green kool-aid)

The Kid was also pretty excited about making his OWN decorations.
He taped them to the fireplace.

My brother-in-law and mom both made him a card.

For food, we got pizza. 
I put together a veggie platter with some Uncle Dan's dip.

And the biggest cheese ball you've ever seen....shaped like an Angry Birds pig.

And of course, a cake.
I made a box cake {gasp}, used store-bought chocolate frosting {double gasp}, sprinkled on some ground up Oreos for dirt, and then The Dad helped me decorate the top with a "course", since I've never seen the actual game.
I bought wafer cookies for the wood and an Easter egg necklace that I cut up and covered the individual pieces with Rolo wrappers for the golden eggs.
I raided The Kid's game for the birds and pigs.
I also dug through the toy animal bin for a plastic tree.
I used more store-bought {say it ain't so} green icing for the grass.

So there ya go.
The Mom's version of an, I'm SO tired and have absolutely no energy for another party, Angry Birds birthday.
It passed inspection for the, now, 6-year-old I was trying to impress.


  1. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that hasn't played Angry Birds, ha. I have no clue of what that game is like. Good job on the party. I love the balloons and funny glasses. Of course, the fireplace 'decoration' was priceless...sooooo cute!

  2. most awesome birthday ever! Who does not love angry birds! well done!

  3. I had no idea there was a physical angry birds game (I've only played the digital form and didn't entirely get the attraction). Love this party. I think it's funny that with a fraction of the effort, you still got a fabulous party and The Kid was thrilled - awesome.

  4. Awesome party - he will remember that party forever - I love the cake and gasp..I've only ever made cakes from the box.


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