Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Baby's Room: The Reveal

Are ya ready Freddy?  I took a lot of pictures, so I'll attempt to, mostly, keep my mouth shut.

As I mentioned in the fabric covered shades post, nearly everything in the room was something we already owned or something I made.  If it's new, I'll share where it came from, in case anyone is interested.

For starters, the biggest purchase was the rug.  It's 9 x 7 and we got it at Ikea for $59 a couple weeks ago.

Come on in....

The changing table was given to us by a neighbor when I was pregnant with The Kid.
They had been using it as a plant stand outside.
It got a fresh coat of paint and is now on Baby #3.

The baskets are new, also from Ikea.

The rocking chair was given to my mom, by my dad, when I was born.
I painted it Heirloom White when I was pregnant with The Kid.
We gave it another once over after beating the heck out of it trying to get it out of the attic.

The seat cushion was something I already had that I recovered.
The back cushion is basically just a rectangle with some batting in between the two pieces of fabric.
I sewed some ribbon on for tying it to the chair.
I crocheted the blanket on the arm when I was pregnant with The Kid.

I had bought the polka dot fabric when I was working on the Shared Room for the kids, and had a piece left over.
I ended up buying two more yards.
I used some for recovering the pillows that were already in the room.

I also used some to recover lampshades I already had.
The table lamp was in The Girl's room and the floor lamp was in the attic.
 I had the pom pom fringe in my stash.

The chandelier originally came out of my sister's house when they first bought it.
It was gold and nasty.  
I painted it white and put it in the nursery when I was pregnant with The Kid.
It then moved to nursery #2, aka The Girl's room.
This is it's third room in our house.
I recovered the shades I already had on it with more of the polka dot fabric.
The mini pom pom fringe came from Joann's.

 The last of that fabric I used on the bird mobile.

Onto the crib.
My $12 estate sale score from this past summer.
We sanded it, primed it and painted it.
You should be proud of me.
I got out of my, paint everything white, comfort zone and went with my favorite color.
I used leftover paint from our master bedroom.
I love it.

The bumper, crib skirt and quilt are what I made, again, when I was pregnant with The Kid.

Okey dokey, onto the small stuff. 
The walls and the shelves.
I didn't paint, other than touching up trim work and where I had filled nail holes and bunged up walls.
The blue is the color I painted when we first built the room for The Kid four years ago.
If you want to see the room when it was The Kid's room, click here.
The white trees have also been there since the room was built.
My mom painted the tree on the changing table side of the room and I did the one behind the crib.

 The shelf is a scrap of bamboo we had in the garage from another project I have yet to post.
The brackets came from a side of the road free pile.
I had the picture, rattles, highchair planter and mirror as well.

 The side table is a plant stand with a slate tile on top.
The tile is different, but I had it in The Girl's room before moving it here.

 The silver dish was passed on at some point from my mom's house, the plant is from Ikea.

The washboard has been around since nursery #1.
The blue bird wall pocket is another hand me down from my mom.
The white birds I bought at a garage sale for nickels and spray painted them.

The Dad's mom sent me the clock wall pocket for Christmas.

On the opposite side of the room is a clock that was in The Girl's room, a wall pocket I found at Goodwill years ago, and a picture my mom made me when The Kid was born.
There's also a picture that my MIL gave me when The Girl was born.

 It's my stance that's crooked, not the picture.  :o)

The closet takes up pretty much one whole wall, other than right behind the door.

And finally, the window seat wall.
I shopped the house to fill the shelves.

The tigers came from my sister when The Kid was a baby.

The rocking chair was a gift to The Girl from the neighbor.
The giraffe was The Kid's.

 The white bird planter jumped in my basket at Joann's.

 The pictures are from my mom.
She also made the nightlight for nursery #1.
 The shade had a water stain on it - my fault - so I recovered it with a fabric scrap and some trim I had.

 On the other side are more of The Kid's friends from my sister, Bean Baby and Pooh with the poem my dad wrote about them, an arrangement I put together with my stash of fake stuff, and an elephant bank that was mine when I was a baby.

The shelf over the window is filled with things I pulled from around the house.

Phew, I think we made it.
So there ya go, the long awaited Baby room can finally be checked off the list.
With 6 days to spare.  :o)

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  1. What an absolutely gorgeous and special nursery. I LOVED hearing the back stories on the pieces you chose for the room - so cool to have it filled with so many meaningful pieces :) Gorgeous!

  2. OMG! This is the sweetest little room ever! And great color combo, too!

  3. Wow! It's beautiful. Definitely worth the wait, lol. I love, love, love the green crib with toile bedding.

    You outdid yourself on that room, Mindy. I hope you get some rest before the baby arrives.

    GOOD JOB MOM!!!!!

  4. It's absolutely gorgeous! You are one amazing little mom!


  5. ok, that room is adorable! I love all the vintage touches. I had an elephant bank like that too, I had forgotten about it, now I am wondering where it is at. I just finished a nursery for my niece. Come by and check it out.

  6. This is a crazy gorgeous room. You have a real flare for decorating and that you spent so little money is mind-boggling. Please come to my house and decorate for me (while you're here, you may as well dust a few things).

  7. The room is beautiful! It has so much visual interest, but yet looks very peaceful and relaxing. It's wonderful to think that soon you will be sitting in that rocking chair with a beautiful new baby in your arms!

  8. I love it turned out great!! We did a bird theme in my daughter's nursery too. I absolutely LOVE the chandelier!!

  9. Mindy you are insanely talented girl. The nursery is whimsical. Absolutely Lovely.

  10. That is so pretty! I love, love, love the handpainted tree and the birds!!! Everything is so special and meaningful.

    PS> Did you guys make the windowseat and bookcases? Did I miss that post?

  11. Honestly this is the loveliest baby room I've ever seen! Everything is so pretty. Lucky baby to have such talented mom and such adorable nursery.

  12. Mindy this is beyond adorable!!! You did an amazing job. I love all the little details you did not miss a thing!! LOVE

  13. Ohh I almost forgot ....I looked for that rug on Ikeas website and could not find it. I'm looking for something exactly like that too. If you get a chance can you send me te link? If not no worries :) I know Mommys are busy

  14. Just beautiful - love that you made almost everything yourself!

  15. Hi Rindy Mae! Your baby's room is adorable. I love the window seat, shelving wall. And the tree with the birds is so sweet. And I love the green of the crib, green also being my favorite color! Where is Better Homes & Gardens? This room deserves a glossy magazine spread! Wonderful!

  16. This is the most fabulous babies room, I love it! You are in my thoughts and prayers for a wonderful delivery with very little pain :) Lots of love to you!


  17. Oh, I just love it all! So sweet ... even kinda makes me want another. Well, just kinda for the room!

    Would you be willing to share at our multi-blog "Imagine the Impossibilities" link party? We're live until Friday midnight (CST).


  18. Oh Mindy, it is beautiful! You are so very talented. What an amazing space for you and your babe to spend lots of time in. Been thinking about you today hope all is well.

  19. Wow! This nursery is TOO DARN CUTE!! I love everything. So so sweet :) Hi!! I'm Nikki and Im stopping by from Everything Under the Moon admiring your great blog :) Would love it you would stop by and give us a visit sometime.

    Im hosting a giveaway for My Memories Software. Would love for you to enter :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  20. what a sweet nursery! i love all the vintage touches!

  21. This is stunning! I love everything about it. Thanks so much for linking up to Color My World linky party! I'm featuring you tomorrow!

  22. I love the green!!! I'm featuring this today on my blog.

  23. When I looked at the first 2 pictures I thought they were magazine pictures you used for inspiration.
    The room is absolutely breath-taking.

    Thanks for sharing with us,

  24. So many charming details! I'm a big fan of blue with green and how cute are those lampshades?! Thanks so much for joining "The After Party"!


  25. This is so incredibly sweet! There is so much work and so much thought put into this room. I love it!

  26. It got a fresh coat of paint and is now on Baby #3. The baskets are new, also from Ikea. The rocking chair was given to my mom, by my dad, when I was born. ...


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