Thursday, May 24, 2012

More In the Garden

The Mom's having a rough week with the kids.  All three of them.  And on top of it, it's been raining nonstop, so we're stuck inside.  I need Saturday to get here with the quickness.

So let's look at pretty flowers to take our minds off the crud, shall we?

If you garden, you know that anytime you're gone for a couple days, when you come home it looks as if things have grown three feet in your absence.  I couldn't help but grab the camera.

I bought myself a new Jacob's Ladder for Mother's Day.
I couldn't help it, it was so dang cute.
Of course now, it has been pounded down into the dirt by the rain.
This one is called Apricot Delight.

Another thing that is now laying in the mud is my peony.
I had divided and moved it a couple years ago and the finicky thing hadn't done anything since.
Both clumps finally started to bloom again this year.

Most of my roses have started to bloom.
This one was here when I bought the house.  
It has mini pink flowers.

The Knock Out tree rose that was spared during the addition is just starting.
I love this plant.
I've had it for 10 years.

The rhodies are doing their thing.
They also came with the house.

The iris, big and small, are goin' strong.
(See the artichoke in the parking strip in the background?  We've eaten four already!)

The back bed is really filling in.
Don't mind the shovel or little girl thongs.

That gigantic hosta is threatening to take over the world again.

All the fuchsias in the deck pot overwintered.

And last, but not least, the columbine is blooming.
I think I need some more.

I think I need a Will Work For Plants sign and a spot at a freeway exit.  :o)


  1. I will buy you unlimited plants IF YOU COME AND DO MY PLANTS FOR ME. Hell yes I am yelling. Your gardens look amazing. Seriously,...after the initial and ongoing planting, much time do you spend in the garden with weeding and whatnot (especially whatnot, lol)?

  2. My goodness, that's the biggest hosta I've ever seen! You need to find the owner of those flip flops and stick her in one of your pictures. Betcha she's adorable :)

    Have a good (relaxing) weekend,

  3. Aw sorry your having a rough week! I feel ya. I feel like a giant beached whale and my son has soooo much energy. Your garden is SOO stunning.

  4. I had to have a look at your awesome gardens, Mindy. I'm so impressed with everything, especially since you have three small children to care for. You must never sit down.:)

    I bet that little pink rose is Cecile Brunner. (It's French, pronounced Bru-nay.) I love it.

    The Jacob's Ladder. I have this one and keep it in a pot on my covered deck, otherwise it just falls over in the rain. I love those blossoms.

    Has the Knock Out rose been around for ten years already? Sheesh! Mine looks fabulous this year and the ones here in Corvallis are just eye-poppingly gorgeous.

    Wow on your artichokes.

    All of my fuchsias wintered-over successfully too. I love mild winters!

    Your hosta does indeed look like it's elbowing its neighbors. They multiply so fast. Yours looks great with all the plants around it and that cute bench and the flip flops. :)


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