Friday, May 25, 2012

Pizza Bites: A Kid Lunch

Well, this week's lunch isn't "silly" necessarily, but it's more fun than PB&J.

I had this recipe on my Appetizer Pinterest board, so decided to give it a whirl.  Really tasty.  And super simple.  I made them yesterday afternoon 'cause I figured I could throw them in The Kid's lunch today.  Nothin' wrong with room temp pizza in my book.

The only thing I did different was adding some garlic powder to the top and some extra mozzarella as well.  Oh, and I used fresh, store-bought pizza dough.  They'd be fun for a party or potluck.  And, of course, would be good with anything you'd put on a pizza.  I did the pepperoni and mozzarella route per the original recipe this time, just to try it out.  Whole wheat pizza dough would be yummy and healthier too.

Pizza sauce was suggested for dunkin', but I wasn't feeling that motivated, so I was munching on them plain.  I used ranch as a dunker for the kid's lunches.

Here they are ready to go in the oven:

And hot out of the oven:

And the little feller who's about to enter my mouth.

Yeah, they're tasty.

For The Kid's lunch, I did a couple pizza bites, carrots, jicama, and bell peppers with ranch for dunkin'.
Then as dip number two, I put in some leftover Cookie Dough Dip from the weekend.
That dip is insanely good.  Like, eat it with a spoon good.
Which I may or may not have been doing all week to finish off the leftovers.
You can go here for the recipe.
I stuck in some apples and graham crackers for The Kid to use, opposed to the spoon route.

Here's his school lunch:

The Girl got all the same stuff on a plate:

And I finished off the last three bites of Cookie Dough Dip.
With a spoon.
Enjoy the long weekend!


  1. Holey moley that looks good. I'd (almost) go to school just so I could eat that lunch. The pizza bites remind me of calzones. My son loves them so I bet he'd love those pizza bites

  2. Oh baby baby. I can't even zero in on what looks the best. Fabulous lunch and yes, I would be right beside you, elbows flaring, with a spoon at that dip.

  3. My kids would devour these pizza bites - must try.


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