Friday, September 14, 2012

Intruder In The Garden: A Kid Lunch

I have a heck of a time coming up with names for these dang posts.

The Kid asked to eat the school lunch today, so I got off the hook when it came to attempting a packed fun lunch.  Those are hard.  So today's is just the home version for The Girl.

I skimmed over my Kid Lunch Ideas Pinterest board last night and kinda combined some ideas to come up with this week's Silly Kid Lunch.

The sandwich is just cheddar, tomato and iceburg lettuce (The Girl's favorite) cut into a circle.  The ant is made with olives.  The flowers are carrots and cucumbers on a toothpick.  Cucumber flowers and plum leaves around the rim.

Here's today's lunch:

FYI, that ant totally creeps me out.
I shoulda saved him for a Halloween lunch.
Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh, that ant is so adorable! But I get you on the creepy thing too...

  2. That ant! It's the legs that make it look so creepy. I'm curious what your daughter thought. I think I would have to eat it first because I couldn't eat anything else until it was gone. :)

    What a sweet meal. Your kids are so lucky. Healthy and beautiful.

  3. That looks lovely. Nice combination of cute food ideas!

  4. Hi. I saw this featured on Little Health Nut (Facebook page) It didn't credit you as the author of this cute adorable dish. So I did a google image search and found you anyway. It's so creative - I would have never thought to use black olives like that. I love it. I'm going to pin it so others can find it, too!


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