Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quinoa Peanut Wraps

I seriously could write a series on clean out the fridge meals.  I won't.  But I could.

We had this a week or so ago and it was delicious.  I had some leftover quinoa and a leftover steak that I reheated in a cast iron skillet on the stove, but you could use any protein you have.  Meat, tofu, beans...or skip it all together and amp up the veggies.  The goal is to get dinner on the table using what you've got, and still have it end up being something everyone will eat.  This got 8 thumbs up.

This obviously isn't a recipe, but here's a list of what I used:

Leftover steak, reheated and sliced thin
Cooked quinoa (you could use rice, couscous or some other similar grain)
Chopped veggies (I used tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, broccoli, green onion, shredded yellow beets and shredded carrot)
Tortillas or wraps (I used corn and everyone else used flour.  Whole wheat or spinach would have been delicious as well.)
Bottled peanut sauce (You certainly could make your own, but I was trying to use up the bottle.)

I sauteed up the broccoli, shredded beets, shredded carrots and bell pepper just briefly in a little olive oil.  Then I stirred in the cooked quinoa, just long enough to heat it up.  
I left the green onion, tomato and cucumber out to add during assembly.

The rest is pretty much self explanatory.
Pile it all on the tortilla, drizzle on some sauce, and wrap it up.
So good.

My goal for our next menu is to use what we have.
My freezer freezers are out of control.
My sister made a comment the last time she was here.
She opened it up and things flew out at her.
Yes, I may have a problem.
Is there such a thing as a food hoarder?
My pantry will also have a dent put in it.
I plan on only running to the store for fresh produce.
I haven't sat down to put together a meal plan yet, but I know for sure we'll be having these things:

  • Spaghetti or Chicken Kapama, Bread and Salad
  • Chicken Piccata, Wild Rice, and Salad or a Veg
  • Pork Chops Primavera (this is amazing - I'll post the recipe)
  • Ravioli of some sort 
I may even round up a couple pictures of my freezer(s).  Everyone loves a good judging session, right?


  1. Oh yes, I LOVE to judge. Please include freezer pics, lol. This wrap looks great. I love quinoa and everything else looks so fresh and yummy.

  2. Mmmm, looks so good. The pics are so nice and sunny, too. Sunshine in Portland??? Glad it's been a sun-filled summer for you.


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