Friday, September 21, 2012

Put A Stick In It: A Kid Lunch

This week, Friday came just in time.  I'm beat.

For The Kid's school lunch today, I put sandwich fixin's on skewers, with some honey mustard dressing for dippin'.  Easy enough.  I used bread, tomato, salami, cheddar, string cheese and cucumbers.

I also put some apples, plums and graham crackers in with a new dip I discovered on Pinterest.  Two ingredients and it tastes like heaven.  Really, I made it on Wednesday and what I put it in his lunch was the end of it.  Really, really good.  Both kids inhaled it.  I plan on keeping a batch in the fridge at all times for myself after school snacks.

Here's The Kid's lunch:

The Girl wanted leftovers.  Who am I to argue?!  We had the Gingery Pork and Cucumber Pitas last night, only I didn't have pita bread, so we used lettuce leaves instead.  Good stuff.  And super easy recipe.

Here's The Girl's, not-all-that-fun Friday lunch:

I need a nap.
And some more of that fruit dip.
Have a good weekend!


  1. Well I am definitely trying that dip now. Love the skewer idea.

  2. oh wow looks delish!!! i just had brunch myself! :) lovely pics will have to try your recipes! newest follower, popped over from an oregon cottage! hugs kat =^.^=

  3. How cute - little shish kabobs! Your creativity in lunch-time creations is crazy cool.

  4. So going to make a kabob lunch for my kiddo! I have been struggling with a cold lunch rut, thanks for sharing the idea

  5. great idea! I think Tristen would like these..


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