Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cinnamon Roll Bunnies

The Girl was askin' for cinnamon rolls the other morning and I had just seen these "Cinnabunnies" on Pinterest, so I gave 'em a whirl.

I used a tube of eight cinnamon rolls and got five bunnies out of it.  Three of the rolls I cut up and used for the ears and noses.  The original used sliced almonds for teeth, but they were kinda creepin' me out, so I nixed the teeth.  I used slivered almonds and made whiskers instead.  Then I did raisin eyes.  We put the icing on the side for dunkin'.

Here' they are comin' together at my house:

And out of the oven, ready to eat:

Super easy and the kids thought they were great.
We even saved one for The Dad.
Yes, it's a miracle, I know.

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  1. They look pretty funny without their bunny teeth.

  2. Beyond darling! A must (easy) do for our house :)

  3. I actually agree it was a miracle that the dad got one. Not sure that would have happened at my house (and it's just me, but 5 seems pretty easy to eat). Love the new little photo blurb at the top.

  4. Those are TOO cute! I am so gonna do this for the littles in my life- Thanks, Mindy- xo Diana

  5. So cute!!! I love that they are made from canned rolls. Perfect for those mornings when you don't have the time to make it from scratch. Thank you for sharing. I think we will be doing these this year!

    I would love it if you could share these on our link party! It begins tonight at 10:00 EST.

    Pinning your great idea!


  6. Yum! They look delish. I bet the troops will want them again for Easter morning.


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