Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Girls In The Garden

So the good news is, my camera is home.

The bad news is, it's doing the exact same thing it was doing when I shipped it in for repair.  Grrrrr.

They're sending me postage (on their dime this time) to ship it to another facility to be looked at.

The other good news is, at least I can still take pictures when I manually focus.  So that's what I've been doing.

The sun was shining for a bit late in the afternoon last week, so I asked The Girl if she wanted to hold Baby while I took some flower pics in the front yard.  Then I got the pictures off the camera and onto the computer and saw these.  I love these pictures of my girls, so much.

And yes, I realize that to a stranger's eye, they all look the same.  But to a mama, each expression and stance is different and special.

I have a feeling those girls are gonna be the best of friends someday.
And now, for the reason I headed out in the first place:

Have I mentioned lately how much I love spring?
I spent the entire day in the backyard today.
It's gonna hurt tomorrow, but it was beyond fantastic.

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  1. What beautiful, beautiful pictures. Your children are darling and your flowers are gorgeous! I am sorry your camera is still not working- UGH! xo Diana

  2. That's not good about your camera--I know mine is attached to my hip--so I know you'll be glad when it's fixed. Your girls are beautiful!!!

  3. GEEZ!!!! Your garden is absolutely rocking and so beautiful!! But I think those sweet girls take the cake!!! Look how your oldest is showing her sis the flowers! Just makes the heart melt!!!

  4. Your yard (and your girls!) is so beautiful! It looks like the spring we should be having but are not -- 30 degrees here and windy. I'm wishing I was back in Austin, back with the new grandbaby, where it seems to be sunny and warm every day.

    Hope you get your camera straightened out soon.

  5. The girls in the flowers are beautiful! your bulbs are looking great. I enjoyed the warmer temps yesterday, too, and just puttered around in the garden, cleaning beds and pruning. I hope to be back out there again today, and I discovered muscles that I had apparently not used in a while :)And hope your camera is feeling better soon.

  6. Mindy, your garden is AMAZING! I live vicariously through your green thumb :)

  7. Okay, these photos are framers for sure! Seriously, such beautiful photos of the garden and your girls!!!

  8. Um, do you mind if I tell you that I'm jealous of your artichoke plant? I want one.(Insert foot stomp and a childish whine here.)

    Your girls are so pretty in the spring garden. And your spring garden is amazing. I love that you planned to have everything blooming simultaneously. My garden is so not like that. A few days ago, I was scrolling through the Pinterest boards of your garden and really enjoying it. I bow to you.

  9. What a beautiful share! I need to search for more pics of your garden now. It's amazing:)

  10. Mindy you surely have the green thumb, your garden shows it!! Come join Oh!My Heartsie Easter Social Hop {w/Linky}


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