Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Chicken: A Kid Lunch

I can't believe Easter is only a week out.  How did that happen!?  I finally drug the Easter deco box down out of the attic today.  I figured it would be too late if I didn't hurry up and get on it.  The Easter Bunny better be thinkin' about gettin' on it this weekend, as well.  Gad.

I got the idea for today's little chicks here.  Then I just went from there.

I used watercress for the grass.  The Easter egg is a cheese sammie decorated with white cheddar and mango.  The chicks are mango with carrot beaks and feet, slivered almond feathers on their heads, and raisin eyes.  The sun is cheese and carrots.  Around the rim is more cheese, mango and some jelly beans.

Here's The Girl's lunch on her plate:

Have a good weekend!
Spring break is next week in our neck of the woods, so I may be wanting to kill a couple of kids by Tuesday.
Wish me luck.


  1. OK...that is way too stinkin' adorable!!! Fun food friday is back on!

  2. I wish you luck and that is the cutest darn plate I have ever seen!!! I mean really! So awesome!!!


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