Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ranch Chicken Taquitos

Hi.  My name is Mindy and I'm addicted to Pinterest.  I've got another recipe from the 'ol Dinner board for ya.

There are a zillion chicken taquito recipes floatin' around out there, this just happens to be the one I pinned.  I've decided I'm in love with the whole taquito concept in general.  You can wrap pretty much anything up in a tortilla and it tastes good.  Even just the bean and cheese ones are amazingly delicious.  Dinner doesn't get much easier than that.

So these have dry ranch seasoning, cream cheese, shredded chicken, cheese, and bacon.  I know, very low-calorie.  Ha.  I used pepper jack cheese, 'cause it's what I had.  For the chicken, I just boiled a large, boneless-skinless chicken breast early in the day and then shredded it.

Here's the recipe link:  Baked Chicken Taquitos

To go with, I baked up some refried beans in a pie dish with shredded cheddar on top, then made a salad with tomato, red bell pepper and avocado.  Throw cilantro, salsa, sour cream, and hot sauce on everything, bust out the tortilla chips, and you've got a meal. 

Here's dinner on my plate:

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  1. Those look delicious, Mindy. Thanks for the recipe and photos! xo Diana

  2. Oh, these photos make me hungry.

  3. Yum!! I love anything Mexican!!!

  4. They look yummy. I am still on the hunt for a tasty tortilla that isn't made with a lot of junk in it. Hard to find at the grocery store and I don't think I want to make my own. Can you recommend one?

  5. Good god, you are amazing woman. This looks AMAZING. how do you boil a chicken breast???


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