Sunday, August 24, 2014

Summer Produce Dinner

I haven't done a food post in forever.  I haven't done a random, throw-it-together-with-what's-in-the-fridge, post in even longer.

The compilation dinners that happen when my sister and I combine food from both of our houses always end up being SO FLIPPIN' GOOD.  I had (and still have) a crap ton of homegrown produce in my fridge right now.  Both from our yard, and from people sharing. So I called her up and asked if she wanted to do a use-it-up dinner.

This is what was on the Saturday night menu:

My sister's neighbor has an Italian plum tree that hangs into her yard.
They're delicious.
She spread goat cheese on the bottom of a platter, layered fresh cut plums on top of that, sprinkled basil on top of those, then drizzled AMAZING honey that she brought home from Hawaii on top of everything.
Spread it all on some yummy bread and you've got yourself an appetizer.
Holy mother, I could have just eaten THAT for dinner.
I might have taken a lot of Plum Heaven photos.

In true, clean out the fridge fashion, I pulled out the Vietnamese-Style pickled carrots and daikon that were leftover from our Banh Mi sammies.
I also opened a jar of our first batch of refrigerator pickles.
This was the no-cook brine recipe.
My mom added sugar to the jar I gave her and that version was pretty darn good.
I left these alone to see how they were and they don't suck.

Grocery store sangria.
It also doesn't suck.

As you would expect from someone who planted eight tomato plants, my tomato cup runeth over.
Enter....tomato pie.
Store-bought crust, baked ahead.
Homemade (!!!!!) ricotta, spread onto bottom of cooled crust.
Yes, the cheese was amazing.
Yes, the cheese was soooooo easy.
Click over there to the right for the piece of heaven ricotta recipe.
Salt and pepper.  Fresh basil.  Fresh sliced tomatoes.  Parmesan.
Bake until hot.
Pile on more fresh basil.
Drizzle with olive oil and aged balsamic or a balsamic reduction.

Stuffed squash blossoms.
More homemade ricotta (!!!!), shredded zucchini, garlic, and seasonings.
Stuffed into a flower.
Roll those bad boys in some flour and pan fry them.
Even if you don't think there's a chance in hell you'll ever make them, click over to the recipe and look at her photos.
They're beyond beautiful.
Annnd, she was sweet enough to come by for my open garden tour, so not only is her food and photography amazing, she doesn't suck as a person either.

Did you happen to notice that cheese oozing out of that crispy flower?
I made that.  That's homemade cheese, ya'll.
You can make fun of me later when you make your own ricotta and see how easy it is.

At my house, it ain't dinner without bread.

My sister made a kale salad with garbonzo beans, tomatoes, feta, and a garlic vinaigrette.
It was all kinds of delicious.

I bought some sausage for the grill to appease the boys.

Here's dinner on my plate:

Are you kidding me?
The majority of our meal came from a garden.
That's awesome.

Come back tomorrow to meet the new member of our household.
I'm up for a guessing game.
You'll never get it.  :)

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  1. Amazing lookin' dinner you two pulled together! I think I might have just happily munched on those stuffed squash blossoms all night. So, a new member of the household...I'll go with a ferret!

  2. Rock on!!! Here is to eating what's growing pal! And I will eat anything that is stuffed! HA! That tomato pie looks amazing!!! Thank you for sharing all of these recipes.....they all look amazing!!!! Here is to a great week! Nicole xoxo

  3. Awww I am so glad you liked the squash blossoms!! And I had such an awesome time at your garden tour, it was my first time ever going to one and I can definitely see that becoming the new way I spend my summers. Just wandering on tour after tour of people's amazing gardens. Hopefully next summer things won't be so crazy with work and I can actually go on the whole thing :)

  4. Mindy! Oh. My. Goodness!
    Are you kidding me!?!? Your Summer Produce Dinner looks (and sounds) like it was amazing. This is absolutely my kind of party.
    Honestly, I don't know where to start. The blossoms and tomato pie jump out at me the most, because I've been wanting to make both, but just haven't had the time. You've inspired me though.
    Seriously though, your dinner looks amazing! I sure with I were there with you all!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!
    I hope you're having a great week,


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