Monday, February 9, 2015

Dollar Store Valentine's Day Decorations

Yep, I went all out this year.  And when I say Dollar Store decorations, I mean, I spent one dollar on our Valentine's Day decorations this year.

A 24-pack of heart doilies, some red and white baker's twine I already had, and some tape.

They had pink and red, too, if you're in the market.
I found something else at the Dollar Store that I might be super excited about.
 I'll use them for our Valentine's Day dinner table setting, since, it's lookin' like I'm cookin' again this year.
No plan yet in the food department.
I've cooked the last two years, and you can see both of those menus and table settings here:
Valentine's Day Dinner 2014
Valentine's Day Dinner 2013
Valentine's Day Table Setting & Decorations 2013

We had a good conversation with the pediatric neurologist today.
I'm too tired to write about it now, but will give an update later this week.


  1. So super cute and gorgeous, Mindy!

  2. Cute idea Mindy! Those are really cute doilies. We usually go out for Valentine's Day now but when the kids were little I just decorated for it and we shared our dinner at home.

  3. This is so cute--I love that it's quick and easy--my kind of decorating these days!

  4. Now I could do the same cute garland in my home. But I am skipping the V-day decor this year.

  5. Oh I love the white heart doily garland! I love a lot of white! I was so bad this year, didn't decorate a thing.....that needs to change next year! I hope you had a beautiful Valentine's Day Mindy!


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