Monday, February 2, 2015

Baby Turns 3!

Baby's 3rd birthday was on Sunday.

You guys, wasn't I JUST posting baby belly pics?!  Holy crud.

This is the kids, meeting her for the first time at the hospital.
My mom reminded me on Sunday of  how The Kid cried the first time he saw her.
He's such a sweet, sensitive little thing.
The Girl acted like Baby was hers for months.

Look at that poor little thing with no meat on her bones.
She came home weighing only five pounds.

Snuggling with Daddy on her first day home.

Since she somehow manages to have a birthday on Superbowl Sunday every year, we celebrated on Saturday.  
I'll post her Frozen party extravaganza later this week, but I had to get some pictures of her on her actual birthday.

We saved her presents from us to open on Sunday.
She got the princess gear on Saturday from her Auntie and she refuses to take it off.

Yes, The Kid is wearing a hospital gown.
It's from his MRI appointment and he asked if he could bring it home.

This goody bag came from her other Auntie and Uncle.  
Key word, Uncle.
She tore into it this morning.
Today The Kid said, "I'm really glad we have a Filipino uncle.  He gets us all kinds of fun snacks."
Why yes, yes he does.

Seriously though, who wouldn't want to pull all this out of a birthday bag?!

Seriously, how is she three?

I feel like I need to apologize for this blog turning into A Day In The Life recently.
I've lost a couple followers, which is fine, but I know a lot of you are here for the food and the garden, not the family behind the scenes.
That being said, the food is because of them.  
The house is because of them.  
And the yard is in spite of them.  
So for those of you who are yawning every time you see another kid photo, the food and plants are coming, I promise.
Off to heat up some leftovers for dinner.....


  1. Oh no, I love the food stuff, don't get me wrong (and any mention of wine), but these little ones of yours are so incredibly precious. (this from a lady who does not have and does not want any children). Love, love, love them. Keep it coming.

  2. I love that sweet shot of her bum!! What a tiny little sweet bean!! How is she 3!!! I have no idea how this all roles so fast! Loved how you said your sweet boy cried when he saw her for the first time! That is the best ever! And how cute is she in her princess gear! That look in her eye in that shot up there is priceless!!! Happy Birthday to her!! So much to celebrate and who cares about the followers! I lose em all the time! You do what you love and it shows! Have a rocking week! Nicole xoxo

  3. It's your blog & you get to post whatever you like :) I like ALL of your posts!!! How could you lose followers at all, right now? You have been going through a scary time with your son's health issue and when something like this happens to one of our's like a sudden slap in the face, showing us what really really matters in life......our kids! So you keep the kids posts coming! Also, when I see your garden posts, I spend the rest of the day mad that we are buried in 10 feet of snow. lol. My husband and I spent Sunday taking turns shoveling the driveway. We got pounded with the snow. I have 6 foot high snow piles all around my yard! ugh

  4. Interestingly The Girl holding The Baby looks the same size as The Baby does now. How the heck did that happen? My oldest daughter turned 29 last Tuesday. The time just flies by. I'll take those mangoes!

  5. I love the gift bag full of food, ha ha, that is awesome. I really wish I had a three year old. Yours is just precious. You are doing awesome with your blog. Now and then, you'll lose some followers. I think it happens to us all. I did a post last year that I was quite proud of and the day after I posted it, four people stopped following my blog. You can't make everyone happy so it really just matters that you are blogging the way you want to.

  6. Seriously? That is crazy talk. The food and the garden posts are wonderful.... but the family stuff is truly what it is all about. My "kids" are 41 and 36. As they say, the days may go by slowly but the years simply fly by. Don't stop posting about life.

  7. Mindy,
    All your posts are wonderful. It takes a lot of time to write and create and take beautiful photographs and put your heart out there. Everyone appreciates it! I love your blog and I love reading whatever you are nice enough to share. And I know everyone is praying for your son to get better. So Happy Birthday to that cute little "baby"!

  8. I always enjoy your blog! Happy birthday, and did she score with the snacks or what?? That looks great.


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