Saturday, January 31, 2015

Life Snippets #16

I don't typically post on Saturdays, but I wanted to give you an update on The Kid and his MRI.  I'll put that at the end of this post.

I didn't take a ton of random photos in January, but I did get some cute ones of the kids snuggling with The Dog on the couch, and a couple of Baby, lost in Tablet Land.

She was so cute, every time the kids would stop petting her, she'd bark, or give them the stare down.

And then it was on to sliming each one of their faces.

I love The Girl's preparation face.


So onto The Kid.
His appointment was at 8:30 yesterday morning and we got checked in pretty much right away.
The nurse clearly had experience working with kids, 'cause she was super good with him.
He and I both got dressed down into hospital garb, and then it was time for IV prep.
She went over everything with him, then showed him the fancy, cool new device that shoots a numbing agent under skin using air pressure.  She even filled one and shot it onto the floor, so he could see it work and hear the sound it would make.  Apparently they're just for kids, which I think is a rip off.  It was SO cool.
Anyway, she showed him a video of someone getting an IV on her phone, so he'd know what to expect, then let him watch Odd Squad (his new favorite show) on her phone while she did it.
Easy peasy.  I think it was worse for me than him.
Then it was onto the MRI room.
The guy got him all set up and went over everything, start to finish.
I was able to be in the room with him.
In between scans, he'd talk to him and tell him how well he was doing over the mic.
He only had to repeat two of the scans because of movement, so it was about an hour total.
He did SO well.
Again, I think it was worse for his mom than it was for him.
I could see the radiologist coming and going in the control room, looking at scans as they went.
When it was all done, the guy doing the MRI said they'd be looked at and available for review before the day was over.
So, of course, I immediately called our doctor's office when we got home to tell them that.
The Kid and I went to lunch, just he and I, for the first time probably since he was a baby, after the appointment.
I really like him.  :)  
I know that's probably silly to say, but I really enjoyed spending alone time with him, and having one on one, uninterrupted (key word), conversations with him.
I should make a point of doing that with all three of them on a regular basis.
Anyway, once we were home and I had made the phone call to the doctor's office, the waiting for the phone to ring was really, really hard.
At about 3:00, it rang, and I damn near broke my neck running for it.
It was a nurse calling to say our doctor was stuck in traffic and would call us later in the evening, but wanted her to make sure to let us know that the MRI was perfect and normal.
Perfect and normal with no signs of tumors.
The first words out of my mouth were, Thank Jesus, and then I cried.
Best. News. Ever.
Sooooo, what that means is, we have a kid who's having seizures for unexplained reasons.
Which isn't unheard of.  
The good thing about that is, a lot of times they grow out of them.
The odd part of them being in the back of his brain, instead of the typical front, is still a question as well, but we'll have more information when we see a neurologist.
Which won't be for another few months, just because of the waiting list.
So I think tomorrow we'll start his medication and see how that goes.
If there's no ill side-effects, we'll keep him on it until his appointment, when I can discuss alternative treatments.
I've read some good things about diet changes and I'm also interested in looking into any random food allergies that could possibly be causing it.
Ya just never know.
Yesterday, I saw him have five seizures.  And they seem to be getting longer in duration.
Instead of 3 to 4 seconds, there are some that are 5 to 6 seconds.
It's so crazy.  All of it.
BUT, it appears we have a perfectly healthy kid, who just happens to be having seizures. 
I'll take it.


  1. Mindy, I don't comment often on the family-oriented posts, but I have been following along on the Kid's posts, and just wanted to give you a virtual hug on the good news. I do get such a kick out of your pictures of your kids. Your mention of lunch with your son reminded me of similar lunches I had with my own (he's 32 now). We had some lovely and interesting talks and I bet you two did as well.

  2. What best case scenario news. I love how well he did at the MRI and guess that you're probably glad nobody was describing your behaviour for us, lol. Such a relief. As for those kiddos cuddled on the couch with The Dog,..too cute.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I am crying right now......tears of joy that there was nothing irregular in his mri. Gosh Mindy I have been thinking about you guys wondering how everything was going. I am so happy right now!!!!!!! You will work out the seizures and get this under control... I hope that you all just kick back today and tomorrow to just BE!!!! And how flipping cute are those shots of the kiddos! Your girl and that pre-lick face is priceless!!! You take care friend....God Bless! Nicole xoxo

  5. Happy for all of you that you can breathe...Sounds like you had an angel watching over you, making the process a bit easier for your boy. Enjoy your time with your wee ones...

  6. Oh boy I got all teared up for you- so glad the MRI was normal. Having gone through cancer with our daughter at age 4 I know how it feels- each agonizing moment. Is he able to go to school? The pictures of the kids and the dog are adorable although the one thing I can't stand is being licked on the face by a dog! Lol...but I do like puppy breath!

  7. Mindy, I am so glad that his results have been good news and I am really glad this is looking like something he will grow out of. I totally agree with having individual time with each of your kids. I have lunch with my son everyday and I am going to miss it so much when he goes on to first grade. Not until Christmas did I realize that I know him so much more than than my daughter and it's because we have so much time with just us. So I am hoping when dad gets home to help out, I can have some more time with my daughter this year.
    Well I am still thinking of you. The kids are so cute! You have a good family dog too.

  8. Hi Mindy,

    Thanks be to God that they did not find any tumors. That is great news. I will continue to keep you and your son in my prayers. I pray they will be able to figure out how to help him soon. Hang in there! I am sure this must be just awful. Thank God for this great news !!

  9. Interesting the idea that it could be food-related. I think it's criminal that you have to wait so long to see the neurologist. Is there a shortage of doctors or what? I am glad your little trooper is hanging in there. I know what you mean about liking your kids. Mine are all grown now but I really enjoy spending time with them.

  10. So glad you had a bit of good news after the MRI. This stage of things is the hard part in many ways- not completely knowing what you are dealing with. Hope the news continues to be positive!

  11. Hi Mindy!
    Although I've been away, I haven't stopped thinking of (and praying for) your son, you, and your family. I read the great news that his MRI came back good. What a blessing!
    Continue all your hard work/ observations/ and research . . . you're an amazing and loving mom!
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop.
    I'll continue my prayers for ya'll!
    Sending hugs,


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