Monday, January 5, 2015

Daisy's New Digs

I can't remember now what the original search was for, but The Kid came across a photo of a turtle wearing a sweater on Pinterest.  He then proceeded to ooh and ahh over it, and talk about how cute it was.  Fast forward a couple weeks and it was time for him to sit down and write his letter to Santa.  He suggested he should ask for a present for Daisy and I told him that was a great idea.  He then proceeded to ask Santa for that turtle sweater he had seen on Pinterest.  Doh.

Our neighborhood has several Facebook pages that I'm a member of, and one of them is full of knitters and crocheters.  So I wrote a post asking if anyone could make one for me, in exchange for cash or trade.  A woman I've never met, wrote back and said she'd give it a whirl.  The next day, she posted that it was done and ready to pick up, free of charge.  Our hood is sorta awesome that way.  

So Santa wrapped it up and left it under the tree Christmas morning.  It was, hands down, one of The Kid's favorite gifts.  And really, who wouldn't want a dinosaur sweater for their pet tortoise?

You guys, how stinkin' cute is this?

The kids went back to school today, but I'm still in vacation/holiday mode.
The house is somewhat put back together, but I'm still in purge mode.  It always feels good to get rid of stuff and free up some breathing room.
Also, I've finally committed to a back splash for the kitchen, so that project is next on the list.
I mean, it's only been a year and a half since we started the demo in there.  We need to take time with these decisions, right?
I'm also excited to get back into a regular cooking schedule, so there should be some recipes showing up on the blog again.
I'm trying out two new ones tonight from my Pinterest boards and have high hopes.
I'll let ya know if they're worth repeating.
Okay, I'm going to force myself to stop typing now.
I'm in ramble mode, so I should quit while I'm ahead.
Back later this week....


  1. Is that just the cutest thing ever!!! I love it!!!! And we have been purging around here as well.....Happy back to school week to you! And happy cooking lady! Tell the kid that he did good!!! Nicole xo

  2. How cute is that! What a nice neighbor! My aunt in southern Calofornia has a turtle they named Pokey. He's been with them a very long time. His sweater would have to be quite large now! School started here with a snow day! I imagine all the parents were a bit miffed especially since the kids had been home so long already!

  3. How great that your neighbor was willing to give it a whirl. Gotta say, I'm not a fan of pets wearing clothes. Of course, that could be because they are sometimes better dressed than I am. ;0) I wanna turtle!

  4. OMG! I love Daisy in her sweater. What a wonderful gift. But now you better watch out. Daisy has had a taste of high fashion, soon her turtle closet will be bigger than yours! A very belated Merry Christmas to you and your family. So glad that the Dad got to go to the Rose Bowl. Its pretty crazy right now in Eugene with Duck fever. Can't wait to see what new recipes you have cooked up. You are my hero for not just pinning them but actually cooking them too :)


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