Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I've had house plants ever since my first apartment, at the age of 19.  In my opinion, a room looks unfinished and empty without them.  Green leaves have magical powers when it comes to decorating a space.

With that being said, I've never owned a Tillandsia, aka, air plant.  Until now.  Apparently they've become the new trend in the decorating world.  I mostly see them in modern spaces, which clearly I do not have, but I think they work just as well with a range of styles.

My sister got me mine for Christmas.  
It's a toss up between which I love more, the plant or the "container" that it came with.

She said when she bought it, it had, what she thought was, a pink flower on it.  But as the days went on, it kept growing and opening, and eventually turned into a purple flower.  When she gave it to me, the flower was still on it, but it was dried.  It was mostly a brownish-grey, but the tips were bright purple.  I should have taken a picture of it before it came off.  Dumb.  I'm crossing my fingers I can give it enough love to bloom again.

Annnd, in true Mindy fashion, I took dozens of photos of it.

Gah, I love it.


  1. Oh, you definitely need a few more!

  2. Air plants do seem to be all the rage. I think it is because they are so easy to care for. I like your "container". It suits the air plant perfectly.

  3. I love air plants... I had a few last year but I had some issues with watering. They do need water ~ I had a few that dried up on me but the big ones I was pretty consistent with and they rotted :( Only I could screw up an air plant. In fact, I have very little luck with house plants. They seem to attract bugs and I don't want bugs in my house.

  4. Me too!!! Such a cool plant friend!! And yes the container is just as cool!!! I need to get one of those!! Wishing you a rocking week.... Oh and I dropped my laptop on the counter...have no idea if they can fix it or how much it will cost to fix.... But no posts until it gets sorted:((. Take care lady! Nicole xo


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