Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Backyard: 2/25/15

Oh my gosh you guys, The Kid and I have been sooooo sick.  He started throwing up Monday night at dinner time.  I woke up at 2:30 in the morning so nauseous I could hardly breathe.  We continued to tag team the bathroom all day on Tuesday.  When we weren't throwing up, we were sleeping in my bed.  I can't ever remember being so sick that that I couldn't even open my eyes. All I could do was sleep.  And puke.

Yesterday, I woke up thinking I felt better.  Not so much.  I never threw up, but everything hurt so bad for most of the day, that I could hardly stand it.  I'd think I was doing better, then I'd stand up and try to accomplish something, and my body would remind me, quite quickly, that it wasn't ready.  The Kid stayed home from school again, but felt okay once afternoon hit.  We all went to bed with high hopes for this morning.  Again, not so much.  The Kid started throwing up again in the night.  He threw up again about a half hour ago and is moaning in my bed as I type.  I still have horrible lower back pain, a dizzy head, and a gut-wrenching stomach ache.  I'll call the doctor once The Girl is off to school, just for peace of mind.

Anyway, during one of my, I-have-to-get-out-of-this-bed, moments yesterday, I went out back with my camera.  The day before we put Maddie to sleep, I had spent nearly the entire day out front, doing my first cleanup of the season.  The plan was to move to the backyard the next day, but clearly that didn't happen.  I hadn't had any kind of motivation to work out there since, but my girlfriend brought me a Hellebore to plant in memory of our girl, and I wanted to make the yard look worthy of it.  So I spent all day on Sunday out there.  There's still work to be done, but it looks so. much. better.

The cute little daffodils are up and blooming, the big ones have buds, the perennials are poking up out of the ground, the hardy fuchsias are putting out green, the evergreen shrubs have new growth.  The photos above are of one of my blueberry bushes.  It's officially spring.

This is my golden bleeding heart.
I love this plant.

My gigantic Hellebore, that I've had for years.
It was a baby off one of my mom's plants.
Every year it amazes me with its size and the number of flowers.

And last, my new baby for Maddie girl.
I love the leaves on this one.  And it almost acts like some of the flowers might be upright.
Love, love, love.
It was a perfect gift and I'm anxious to get it in the ground. 

You would not believe the shape this house is in after having The Mom in bed for two days.
It's seriously a train wreck.
I can't stand it.
I'm bound and determined to push through this nasty sickness and get some stuff done around here today.
That's the plan, anyway.


  1. Thanks for the puke play by play commentary... lol. I hope the Dr can help you two. That is just the worst. I'm surprised we haven't been hit with the stomach bug and everything else since we are in a new school district. Your huge hellebore is in its prime, what a treasure. I think the plant from your friend is so thoughtful. Growing up, we always planted something for our animals who passed. Get well soon, Mindy.

  2. How awful! I haven't been sick like that in years, but I remember it as being horrific. It took me two weeks before I started eating again. I hope the little look round your garden refreshed you somewhat. Poor Kid too! I hope you both feel better soon, and that no one else in your family comes down with it.

  3. Oh- I am sorry you have been so sick. Let me tell you though- DON'T "push through it" to get things done. That is exactly what I did twice and now I am fighting this thing again....since Thanksgiving! Stay low and get well.
    I love the thoughtful plant gift from your friend. It is hard to believe it is warm enough for green when I look out the window into zero degree temps and lots of snow and ice. xo Diana

  4. When I first loaded this post, it took forever for the pictures to come up (stupid internet). I was fearful that the first picture was going to be of you vomiting. What a relief. Love Maddie's plant - what a thoughtful idea. Just perfect.

  5. Hope each day has you both feeling better. I hope you'll rest-'cause that's what you really need!
    Your daffs are so sweet. I have daff envy since we can't grow them this far south.
    Maddie lives on! ;0)

  6. Oh that stinks! I was so sick last week. Sounds like your symptoms but I never puked. I literally slept days away because that was all I could do. I would try and get stuff done and each time I would have to be on the couch hours afterwards. It was horrible. I am really jealous that you are getting to work in the yard and have flowers. We are still buried in snow and below zero temperatures at night. Now they are saying we are getting 8 more inches on Sunday. So sick of Winter.

  7. That hellebore you have up there is gorgeous!! It is enormous!!!! And the color is fantastic! I am so happy to see such beauty coming through in your space friend! HA! It is like negative 10 here right now...every year at this time when I see your garden in February I am reminded how stupid we all are for living here! And we had that thing....Jon and I couldn't get out of bed so my mom had to take the kids for the was terrible! And my little guy was still throwing up on day 3....just yuck! Jon felt sick from it the whole week. You hang in there and take care of you...the house will get done! Go to bed!!!! Hope you all have a much healthier weekend! Nicole xo

  8. Poor you! There is nothing more miserable than a stomach flu. I hope the kid is doing better. It is so cold here it is almost impossible to believe that spring is on the horizon and yet here it is in your garden. Your hellebores are really nice, especially the more established pink one. Hope you and the kids are better soon. Don't stress about the house. It's not worth it. Take care!

  9. Good grief! I hope that you're feeling better . . . . and managed to get your house back in order. It drives me mad watching my house turn into what looks like a tornado hit it when I'm sick!
    We've had a NASTY chest and head cold hit us over the last few weeks. We're just now feeling good enough to resume pieces of normal daily activity. Sigh.
    I have to tell you that I was so excited to read the title of your post! I LOVE peeking into your yard through your photos. Your gardens are so inspiring!!
    I smiled when I saw the beautiful new flower you were gifted for Maddie :0) So thoughtful!
    Sending happy thoughts your way sweet gal!


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