Monday, April 11, 2016

The Backyard: 4/4/2016

I finally got my load of compost.  Woohoo!  The neighbors across the street were wanting a big load, too, so we had five yards delivered and split it.  It was dumped in their driveway, because it's flat, and she and I humped buckets to my house for 3 1/2 hours the day it came.  I was a wee bit sore the next morning.

All of these pictures were taken before the big Compost Spread of 2016.
I'll start with one of my faves, Lewisia.
This is the first one to bloom every year.

It's still mostly buds here, but as I type, it is a solid mass of pink.
So, so pretty.

This guy wanted to say hi.

I had to take more pictures of the Bleeding Hearts.
They're so big and pretty.

I found homes for all the plants I had stashed in the driveway trough.
The Deutzia went under the big tree.
He's so dang cute.
I've had this plant on my want list since seeing it on Jennifer's blog and I'm super excited to have adopted one.
Thank you, Amy!

The Himalayan Honeysuckle and a Euphorbia now live behind the fire pit.

The first of the Wood Hyacinths have started, too.
White this year.  Usually the blue get goin' first.

A naughty, but so sweet, Violet.

Check out my adopted baby now, Loree!

The Pink Currant, Ribes rubrum 'Gloire de Sablons', that I bought from our neighbors who moved last year, is loaded with flowers.
This one is grown for the edible pink fruit, opposed to the showy flowers.

The Peonies have buds.
This is the one that came with the house.

Clematis alpina Helsingborg, oh how I love thee.

The Solomon's Seal, one of my favorite plants, is up and at 'em.

Turns out, I started my beans too early.
I couldn't just let them live in the bathroom, so I hardened them off and planted them outside anyway.
We'll see.
This is only one clump, but I did Scarlet Runner, Sunset Runner, Kentucky Pole, and the purple one I grew last year that was given to me.  

Did I mention I scraped and repainted the whole south side of the house?
It's amazing how many things you can get done when you're without internet.
It needed to be done last year, but I never got to it.
It's not exactly a fun job.
But it's done.

Why didn't anyone tell me that Brunnera stinks?
I don't remember it smelling bad last year, but it's nice and ripe right now.

The other Omphalodes is blooming.
This was a piece from my mom's yard, so I don't know the name.

A cute puppy face.
This dog is OBSESSED with the hose.
And the watering can.
It's gonna be a long summer.

I discovered the first ever flowers on an Epimedium I've had for several years.

And last, one of my favorite Hostas.

It still has crushed oyster shells around it from last year, which is why it isn't eaten up by slugs.
I 100% recommend that as a slug deterrent.
I did it last year for the first time around all the Hostas and new nursery plants, and it worked amazingly.
It's ugly, but once the plant fills out, it's all hidden.
I need to pick up some more.
Have a great week!


  1. I'm salivating over your pictures. I live in Minnesota where the weather can't decide if its Winter or Spring from one day to the next. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Joanna! We're back to our typical rain, but thankfully no freezing temps!

  2. Beautiful photos. I am still very jealous of your ability to grow Lewisia. Mine are just so so with a few blooms. Nothing like yours. I'm definitely missing something. I didn't know that Brunnera stinks. I'm going to have to check mine. I've got a ground cover called Phuopsis that smells like a combination of marijuana smoke and skunk fart. If the flowers weren't so pretty, it'd be out of here. At the rate the weather is going, you'll probably be just fine with planting out your runner beans. I like the idea of oyster shells. I might have to be on the lookout for them. I'm sure they're better for the soil than slug bait. Your dog is so darn cute! Love all the rock farm rocks in your garden too. Beautiful!


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