Monday, April 3, 2017

The Backyard: 4/1/17

As a follow up to my last post, I have some photos from the backyard.

With a handful of dry days, finally, I was able to get out and do some more cleaning up.
The deck and patio are both livable again, and I spent two days digging more plants.

I wish I could take this Spirea with me.
The foliage color makes it one of my favorite spring plants.

Ditto for this Barberry.
It's at the top of my list of plants that I'll be purchasing for our new yard.

The Kid's Daffodils are blooming.
I was thinking, if we end up with enough dirt, the kids can have their own little plots, instead of just pots.

The Primroses that have survived the Great Slug War are blooming.

Not too much going on in the main bed yet, but here's a pulled back shot anyway.

And a pulled back view of the work zone.

A small plant ghetto has been set up next to the hose.

A larger one is over by the shed.

It was hard to dig things with buds, or already blooming, but I figured it would be easier now than later, when the plants are bigger.
Maddie Girl's Hellebore is in full bloom.

Both of my Bleeding Hearts are covered in buds.

I haven't decided if this Rue is coming with me or not.
Every spring, I love it.  Every summer, I hate it.
It gets so gangly - I've tried it in multiple locations over the years.
We'll see.

And last, one lone Fritillaria flower.

And that's about it out back.
Things are waking up, and as they do, I'm yanking them out.
I told all my little potted trees that the time is near.
They've been told for years that "someday" they'll have a home in the earth.
"Someday" is coming.


  1. Love it all! What is the plant in the 8th and 9th image with the crinkly leaves?

  2. Wow, you have so many plants that I can't imagine you would have to head out and shop for more. Ha ha. I wish it had been dry enough in March to head out and clean up the yard. I feel so far behind now. It is getting harder to bend down and weed so I have had to exchange yard work for hot chocolate with the kids. They are hard workers but there are so many damn weeds still! Good luck on the move. I hope it all goes well.

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