Friday, January 25, 2019

The Driveway

Okay, so admittedly, the driveway doesn't sound all that exciting, but it leads to so many places!
And if the old driveway deserved its own posts, than the new one does, too.

At the old house, with limited garden space, I was growing the majority of our veggies in containers in the driveway.
Here, there are zero veggies in the driveway.
There is, however, almost always a pile of something that needs to be spread.
Compost, wood chips, has held multiple piles of all of the above in the time that we've been here.
So almost all the pictures I share of this space will have a pile of something photo bombing.

That pile up there....three units of compost.
To put that into perspective, there are 7 1/2 yards in one unit.
The most I ever got at the old house was 2 yards.
This pile was spread one wheelbarrow load at a time. 
 It was delivered in September, a month after we moved in.
I was sore for months.

Okay, on with the tour.
Most of these photos are from 2018.
I guess I didn't take many "before" pictures of the driveway when we first moved in.
I was busy ripping out landscape fabric.

This one is from the listing.

I took this one the day we first looked at the house.

Onto 2018.

This next one is when you first pull in.
Garden on the left, front yard and house on the right, garage straight ahead, Big Ass Pine visible, as always.

Yes indeed, the driveway is home to the Big Ass Pine.

Underneath the Big Ass Pine was a whole lotta nothin'.
It is now home to a whole lotta somethin'.
To be more specific, it got heaps of compost and was crammed with shade lovers in the fall.
These pics were taken last spring.

As I mentioned above, the driveway leads to all the spaces.
The house, of course, the garage, the garden (edibles), the Redneck Pool, which I'll talk about in my  next post, the old lilac island, the barn...the magnificent barn, the pasture cats, and then it keeps on goin' around the other side, and back out to the road.
Here's a shot from our bedroom window, that kinda shows the set up.

And the other side, that's lined with grape vines.
And roses.
And naughty blackberries.
It's a mess.

In April, a load of mushroom compost was dumped, and then a few days later, the wood chips showed up.

So funny story.
Those wood chip pics are all from the same day.
I got through the entire pile.
In a day.
All of them.
I got them from a local arborist and he called the next morning, asking if I wanted another load.
I was all over it.
He told his driver to dump them in the same spot in the driveway.
The driver told him, ummmmm, I just dropped there yesterday, there's not enough room.
Owner told him the pile was gone.
Driver was like, yeah, no. There's no way it's gone.  It was a full load.
He pulled in late that morning and was like, holy shit, it's gone.
And so the second load was dumped.

I didn't get through that one quite as fast.
Holy mother, I was SO SORE.
But I will say, wood chips are a hell of a lot lighter than compost and gravel.
Anywho, at some point, the piles were gone again, and I was onto other projects.

One of those projects was digging out the existing, buried, rock border around the bed under the Big Ass Pine.
That was in May.






 And that's all I've got.
Okay, maybe not as exciting as some of the other transformations, but it's the hub.
It leads to all the places you want to go.
It's the first thing we saw when we pulled in to see the house in 2017.
The spot we parked our car the day I knew I had found our new home.
The driveway of The Dream.

I'll be back tomorrow to share the space where the Redneck Pool resides.
It's in the Rainbow Garden!
Until then....


  1. Mindy- I am loving following along with you and seeing all that you have accomplished. You should be really proud of yourself.

    I don't remember--what part of the country are you in...that you don't have snow this time of year?

    You have done a fantastic job of landscaping. Does hubby help at all or is he a "clueless planter" like the one I live with?

    Have a beautiful weekend. xo Diana

  2. Hah! Do not question or underestimate a woman who's on a mission. I have a lot of rock borders and that is one problem with them -- they sink down into the soil over time. I have a few that I'm already working on digging back up.

  3. You are a rock star! Haul that mulch, girl!
    I'm not sure, but are the railroad tracks between the barn and the house on your property? How cool would that be? As long as they don't come through blowing the horn at all hours.

    Don't think we don't want to know what's going on with the driveway. We are nosy enough to want to see it all!
    Looking forward to the rest of your posts. So good to be able to catch up with you.

  4. Holy crapola, mama! No gym membership needed at the Northrup's. So glad I got to see this once, in context. Helps a lot.
    Oh my gosh, those sunrise pics.

    1. Hahahahaha, seriously. I should start my own work out regimen! Sell weekly packages. LOL


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