Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 28th

Seven years ago today, I was marrying The Dad, aka, Chachi, Chach, Lon, and his real name, Lonnie.

We had our ceremony at a spot in the gorge called Oneonta.
It has significance to me because it's where my dad's ashes are.
Luckily, The Dad loved the spot too.

The falls are a hike in, so we couldn't see them, but in the summer, the water running from them to the Columbia river is small enough that you can walk on either side of it. 
We got married right next to the water.

We only had a handful of people, immediate family, at the ceremony and The Dad's brother married us. 

The kiss.

It's legit.

Ya think he's wondering if I'd survive the fall?

He may be considering throwing me over already.

Yep, that's what I thought.

We drove home on the scenic highway, stopping for photographs along the way.
The Dad's aunt did our photography as a wedding gift.

We had the reception at our house, with about 100 guests.
Clearly there was more lawn and less house back then.

Aaaaand, the newlyweds show up.

The cake.

The Dad sneakin' off alone.

First dance.

Garter hunt.

And last, but most certainly not least, as a gift, my brother-in-law made a slideshow for us.
He set it up and played it during the reception.

And guess what?  You can too!  :o)
Turn up your speakers.

I was originally planning on including some pictures of our honeymoon in Victoria, Canada, but I think this is probably long enough as it is.  Maybe I'll save those for another post.

It had been awhile since I'd looked at any of these pictures.
Sorry if they bored you to death, but it was a nice trip down memory lane for The Mom.

I love you Chachi.  Happy anniversary.  Here's to the next seven.


  1. Aw this was such a sweet post!! Happy Anniversary! You looked stunning..what a beautiful couple you two make!

  2. Happy anniversary! You were very beautiful bride! I wish you all the best for the future:)

  3. I teared up a couple of times during that video. What a great post today - thanks for sharing it. By the way, just want you to know that I noticed that poor dog used to be thin, lol.

  4. Happy Anniversary and thanks for sharing! That was beautiful. I'll have to revisist b/c I couldn't get the video to work.

  5. User error - I was able to see the slideshow. That was awesome! Your BIL did a great job.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed seeing your wedding photos and the slide show. What a beautiful and happy couple.

  7. Thanks, Min. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Chach(The Dad)

    PS I used to be thin also!!! Like the dog!

  8. WOW! the pictures are gorgeus, you look gorgeous, the whole wedding was GORGEOUS! Thank God for pictures right? Its so good to be able to re-live these moments over and over again!

  9. How beautiful! The place where the ceremony was is just breathtaking...and the reception was incredible too. You look so gorgeous! The Dad looks quite handsome ~


  10. Aw, so sweet, so beautiful! Our 25th anniversary is in a week. On our drive home from Portland yesterday we stopped in Eugene and had lunch at the pub where we first met in college. Enjoy - it goes so fast!

  11. Its a good thing that I have lots of tissue left over.... and just coming from a wedding and then getting invited to yours... man the emotions are running high! you can see the love... you can see it. How beautiful. It's beautiful! Congratulations!!!


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