Sunday, August 7, 2011

Best Broccoli Of Your Life

Well, when I pinned it, I made the remark of, we shall see.  I came, I made, I saw.  This broccoli is gooood.  I've made roasted cauliflower lots of times, but never broccoli and I will do it again and again.  I may even mix the two next time. 

The original recipe calls for pine nuts and basil.  The blog I pinned the recipe from had omitted those two items, so I did as well.  Next time I will try it with them. 

I did forget one ingredient and remembered it last night while I was lying in bed.  You'll never guess what it was.  CHEESE!  I KNOW!  How in the world could I forget to add the cheese?!  In my defense, I was completely distracted with a major house project.  So next time, I most definitely will put the Parmesan in.  It actually was really delicious without it, so all you vegans or dairy-free folks out there can enjoy this recipe too.

Click here for the recipe.

I made Hawaiian Grilled Chicken and steamed white rice to go along with the roasted broccoli.  You may recall when I posted the chicken recipe.  It made a huge batch, so I only cooked half the chicken that night.  The rest, I put in a  ziplock bag with the remaining marinade and threw it in the freezer.  Yesterday morning I pulled it out to defrost and we grilled it up.  I think it was even better the second time around.  This meal pleased the masses.  For a change.

Here's the broccoli coming together at my house:

Ready for the oven.

Roasty, toasty, good.

Here's dinner on my plate:

Thar ya go...another keeper.

Now it's time to start the second day of my wild hair to come.


  1. I seriously can hardly wait for the wild hair project. Sounds so mysterious and intriguing, lol. I am always looking for different ways to make veggies so this will be one I try as soon as all of the tomatoes have finished because I'm not eating anything else BUT tomatoes until then. So,.....maybe a September recipe for me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I want to try this!! I also need to go check out your food board on Pinterest! Haha I can't wait to see the wild hair project!

  3. This post is making me hungry. It all looks delicious!


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