Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Framed Jewelry Boards

Well, our bedroom isn't quite done yet, but I did get one project for it finished yesterday.  I've gotta say, I scrounged my entire house for stuff to make these, so none of them were done the same and I'd do things differently if I was actually going to be purchasing supplies.  But I hate running out when I want to accomplish something "right now", so I did with what I had.  Plus, for free, I can't complain.

I made a total of five.  For some I used cork board, for some I used super thin cork board backed with cardboard.  And for one I used super thick foam.  I like the end result of the foam the best, but I'd use thinner next time.  If I had known I'd have extra batting and thin foam from another project today, I'd have waited and used that, but again, I wanted it done "right now".  All the frames I used were ones I had, as well as the fabric.

Here are just a couple progress pics of one of them. 

Here they are on the wall.
The lightest framed one is a shadow box with a hinged door.
My mom gave it to me for my birthday last year.

And loaded with jewelry.


  1. I am so making these and showing me exactly where to find them in yoir bedroom! (you know in case i need to "borrow something!) How awesome!

  2. Fabulous - wow, you've been so busy!! Looking sooooo good.

  3. What a pretty way to display jewelry! I especially like the fabric you used in the example. Great job!

  4. Thanks Susanna! I love that birdie fabric too. I actually bought it for something else and never used it.

  5. Such a wonderful way to hold jewellery and be art at the same time. I'd love for you to link this to my linky party this week.


  6. Great idea! My bedroom walls look very similar to yours (white "board and batten" below and sage-y green above), so I can really picture these there. :-)


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