Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Dungeon: Makeover Part III

So how many Parts do you think this project is gonna take?  Too many.

I think I've finally finished on my side of the room though.  I snapped a few photos, so at least there's an 'after' to a portion of the room.

And what's a made over room without fresh flowers?!  I headed out back to snip a few for my nightstand.  You may recognize the vase.  It was one of my free scores from the garage sale weekend.  I gave it a coat of Heirloom White spray paint.

And here's The Mom's side of the room.

You can click here to see how I made the jewelry boards.

And a smidge of The Dad's side.

And if you look real close at a couple of the pictures, you'll get a peek of another project that I'm hoping The Dad can help me finish tonight.

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  1. Yay,...the hydrangeas have bloomed and are spectacular. Yay!! I love the board and batten and the paint colour and the (maybe somebody is spoiled) jewelry boards. Looks absolutely fabulous.

  2. It looks great...and I love that paint color.

  3. Your room looks beautiful! and those flowers are amazing! Love it!!

  4. oh my, I love hydrangeas. I'm so jealous of your blooms. The room looks great!

  5. Thanks Shasta! The color is called Sea Turtle. It's a Glidden paint, but I had Home Depot match it in Behr.

  6. Whew girl...aren't ya tired? You accomplished a lot and it looks great!

  7. It looks fantastic!! I love the jewelry boards! They really do make beautiful art. :)

  8. Oh my, I love your bedroom Mindy! I wish it were mine! I also like how you displayed your jewelry, I wanted to something similar, but there are so many other projects at work in our new home.

    Thanks for continuing to stop by, I really look forward to your comments. This summer has been so busy, maybe it will settle down by the time school starts? ;)

  9. I wanted that dresser for my room but it would not fit!! Kinda jelous! Room looks fantasick! I love that colour!

  10. Your room turned out gorgeous Mindy! Love the treatment you did on the walls, and the jewelry display. Thanks for linking up!


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