Sunday, November 4, 2012

Houston, We Have A Cruiser

Aren't babies supposed to learn to crawl before they learn to maneuver on two legs from one piece of furniture to the next?  I know it's been awhile since I've had a 9-month-old, but I seriously don't remember the "cruising" starting this early. 

In honor of another monthly milestone, I shall bombard you with too many pictures.

Here's our little 9-month-old, wearing her mommy's old shirt:

And some action photos.



  1. Wow, she is 9 months old already! What an adorable little angel!

  2. Ha - great photos. That cruising makes me nervous,..then she'll be walking,..then she'll be wanting to borrow the car. Yikes.

  3. She is sooo adorable ! You can give us all the photos of her you want...I LOVE seeing this sweet thang. :)
    xoxo bj

  4. She is so precious! What a sweet stage. My niece is on the move too. Christmas at my in-laws should be interesting.

  5. That is what my Emma did. She learned to cruise around on stuff before crawling but WOULD NOT step on her own. Then all of a sudden she started crawling and then didn't walk well (more than a step or 2) until 13 months. Stinker... Little Miss is too precious!!

  6. OMG... I love that top. Trust me you are going to love having all of these photos for each stage in a couple of years. I didn't get as in depth with my photos and would adore having them step by step like that. Good luck with the walking (and getting into things! haha)

  7. I absolutely adore that she's wearing a top from when you were a baby!!! It's so pretty! She's certainly a little woman on the go :)

  8. Just go ahead and sign her up for the Olympics


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