Monday, November 19, 2012

Random Thoughts and Tidbits: Part 6

  • Baby got some antibiotics last week and is muuuuuch better now.  So is Mommy.
  • Today was the first day of no school all week.  They have no idea how lucky they are to be alive.
  • I may be running to Home Depot for duct tape before the week is over.
  • I went looking for something last night and ended up reorganizing my entire craft room.
  • When I say craft room, what I really mean is my pantry/large appliance storage/serving tray holding/animal feeding station/car seat keeping/recycling center/catch all/laundry room.
  • So what I really did was move some bins/baskets/containers around.
  • Yesterday, I finished my Christmas ornaments that I give as gifts every year.
  • My mom watched the kids Wednesday afternoon so I could leave the house alone.  I went shopping.  And not for groceries.  I exchanged some slippers from my MIL for two pairs of heels, and spent a gift card I received last Christmas on two pairs of jeans, a shirt and a sweater.  It was heaven.
  • The Dad and my brother-in-law watched all five kids last Thursday night so my sister and I could go to the Cheese Bar for dinner and wine tasting.  It was heaven.
  •  My house is filthy.
  • It's picked up and looks clean from afar, but it's filthy.
  • Please send maid service.
  • I'm excited to decorate the house for Christmas.
  • I started a Christmas gift for the kids today that involves the sewing machine.  Will I never learn?
  • I threw out my neck screaming at the kids today.  I wish I was kidding.
  • The Dad and The Kid are playing chess right now.
  • The Girl is putting together a princess puzzle.
  • Baby is complaining because she can't eat the pieces.
  • My neck hurts.
  • TMZ is my guilty pleasure.
  • We did The Kid's parent/teacher conference tonight.  She showed us a story he had written that said his mom is 30 and his dad is 50.  Buwahahahahaaha.
  • She confirmed what we already knew, the boy's a genius.  :o)
  • I think it's time to move to the couch.


  1. You're so funny. Good luck this week. My kids are out starting tomorrow and I'm geering up for hearing "I'm bored" 1,000 times.

  2. SO glad you guys are feeling better! And I also can not wait to get my Christmas decorating on! Love these posts :)

  3. I love your tidbit posts! My laundry/craft room is a disaster right now. I have way too much stuff in it, so I need to figure out where some of the excess stuff can go. It's decorating stuff, mostly, that is causing the problem. I'm thinking I need to put some in the pantry maybe. At least you have some containers to rearrange--hey, maybe that's what I need! I hope your neck feels better soon, and hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving. Glad that you enjoyed my radicchio post. That was kind of a large amount of radicchio that I picked that day. In the colder weather now it takes the plants a lot longer to recover and rejuvenate, so we won't be seeing that much again for a while. But you should try some next year!

  4. I'm flippin dying laughing that Carter said you were 30 and dad is 50!!!! LOL


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